Adkins on the rural hitch

The Rural Hitch: Operations and Equipment Needed for Success

The rural hitch is a good way to provide water for a fire flow without having to drop a dump tank, but it requires a lot of coordination and communication.

Schenectady (NY) Puts Four New Apparatus in Service

Schenectady, NY, recently put four apparatus in service, including two pumpers, a quint and a light rescue truck.
Asheville tiller makes tight turns

Video: Asheville (NC) Tiller Maneuvering

Ladder 1 was purchased for $1.2 million back in 2019. and runs out of the downtown station.

Brockton (MA) Gets Antique Truck to Memorialize 13 Fallen Firefighters

Brockton, MA, firefighters have acquired a nearly 100 year old truck that fought an historic theater fire in their community that claimed 13 firefighters.

Holton (KS) Fire Department Getting Grant for Fire Apparatus

The Holton Fire Department will receive $600,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Community Development Division to help the city purchase a new fire truck

Fire Truck Blows Tire in Trinidad, Crashes into Church

A fire truck in the Trinidad community of Tunapuna blew a tire, went out of control and smashed into the wall of a church.

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