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Humboldt (Canada) Welcomes Pumper Fire Apparatus

Courtesy Seahawk Facebook

The Humboldt Fire Department’s new pumper truck replaces a truck that has been service for 20 years, reports Humboldt Journal.

The Sea Hawk model cost about $499,000 and is a demo model. An estimated wait time on a non-demo model could take between 12 to 15 months to manufacture. The new pumper truck can hold 750 gallons of water, has a waterous aquis foam system, four wheel drive, front bumper spray nozzles and a 100′ x 1″ hose reel.

The truck being replaced remains functional, and was sold to Lake Lenore Fire Department for $50,000. One large difference between this truck and the former model is that this truck can move and pump water which is beneficial in fighting grass fires.