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Department Employs New Policy to Protect Responders on the Highway


In August, three Miller’s Ferry (NC) fire apparatus were damaged by a tractor trailer when it struck the fire department’s tanker, which slammed into a fire engine that traveled 100 feet until it hit a third fire engine. The tractor trailer ended up catching fire. the trucks were in the “blocking position when the accident occurred.

Photo courtesy of Department

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the three rigsa re expected to be out of service for a year or more, but the good news is that all firefighters on scene returned to their families.

As a result of the accident, when firefighters responde to heavily traveled roadways, more than one fire apparatus will responde: one for the incident and the other to protect responders and those involved in teh incident.

The department also purchased wireless headsets so firefighters can communicate with one another over the noise at accident scenes.

Another policy is that once the trucks are parked at these types of incidents, all firefighters are to exit the vehicles to prevent injury if the vehicles are struck.