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HiViz LED Lighting Launches Second-Generation Brow Light

HiViz LED Lighting launched its new second-generation Brow Light on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. The FireTech BG2 is a modular lighting system that incorporates tight spot, wide flood, and asymmetrical “scene” optics, a smart whole-apparatus traffic director, and a system of warning lights. The system, which is available in standard and smart versions, can be configured in any number of lengths from 1-19 modules, with each system requiring at least one controller.

“The BG2 has been in development for a couple of years now, so we’re pumped to release it to the market,” says Kaoma Massa, HiViz LED Lighting’s business manager and director of culture. “We already won the race of ‘Who can make the brightest light,’ so our focus now is ‘how do we make them smarter?’ The cool thing is, the BG2 isn’t just a brow light. It’s a whole apparatus lighting system that integrates seamlessly onto your truck both physically and electrically. The fixtures function as a scene light, traffic director and, shortly, warning lights as well. So, not only are these fixtures practical, smart, and covered under the same lifetime warranty that our customers appreciate, they’ve also got that innovative, next-gen FireTech flare. Our mission has always been, and always will be to help first responders work more safely and effectively after dark, and we’re excited to have BG2 ready to help achieve that.”

The race for the most light is over. In today’s digitally connected world full of distracted drivers, it’s more important to use the right type of light in only the correct areas. Too much light can be blinding, and too little light prevents first responders from getting their jobs done. With the BG2 Smart, every module has the ability to engage spot, flood, scene, or colored light independently. This means you can focus on the big picture of the scene, and control the white lighting, warning light, and traffic director functions all from one interconnected system.

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“The second-generation FireTech Brow Light ushers in a new era in lighting,” says HiViz LED Lighting’s VP of engineering Shane Trent. “The technology utilized in these fixtures is second to none, and the engineering team has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the BG2’s development. I’m excited to finally get it into the field so that firefighters can experience it as well!”

In the coming months, HiViz LED Lighting will start shipping the new BG2 to customers across the United States.

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