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Holmatro Combi Tool with Optimum Grip

Holmatro presents the CT 5150, a compact high-performance combi tool for cutting, spreading, squeezing, and pulling. This new model is part of Holmatro’s 5000 Series, offering the lowest weight in its class without compromising on performance. The tool has been designed with several smart features for optimized grip and cutting performance.

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Unique Grip Teeth
The new 5150 combi tool has two unique grip teeth on each blade, for extra bite when cutting and to keep wider materials inside the jaw. The tool is also fitted with Holmatro’s patented i-Bolt that squeezes the blades directly together for a better cutting performance.

Removable Tips
To finish a cut across a wide area, the spreading tips of the CT 5150 can easily be removed with one hand. The tip has been designed in one piece, with reflective markings for quick location in the dark.

The new CT 5150 is equipped with CORE Technology for quick and easy connection to a hydraulic pump. The tool is fitted with Holmatro’s redesigned control handle that offers optimum grip and precise tool control. The new ergonomic carrying handle enables you to comfortably hold it in various positions. With the six high-output LED lights in the handle you can start work right away and will never be hindered by your own shadow.

Optimum Performance-to-Weight Ratio
Holmatro’s new 5150 combi tool combines high forces with a large spreading distance and cutting opening. Rigorously tested by EN and NFPA,this tool offers rescuers a strong and relatively light tool that is suitable for a multitude of situations.

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