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Issue 9 and Volume 23.

REV Group EZ Trac

REV Group EZ Trac® hydraulic all-wheel drive (AWD) system is an option for fire apparatus manufactured by the REV Fire Group, which includes the E-ONE, KME, and Ferrara brands. The EZ Trac System provides the performance of hydraulic power while maintaining factory ground clearance, overall height, and the turning radius of a typical two-wheel-drive vehicle. Benefits include a steerable hydraulic drive assist system to simplify and overcome traction and mobility issues without sacrificing ride quality, safety, and control; a lower center of gravity, making the vehicle safer—less likely to overturn and easier to handle; the ability to engage and disengage on the go at speeds less than 20 mph with the flip of a cab-mounted switch; and 800 to 1,200 pounds lighter than conventional drive systems and experiences no windage loss in freewheel mode.

Command Light

Command Light has partnered with three vehicle camera systems manufacturers—INTEC, Safety Vision, and Zone Defense—to introduce unprecedented heights to 360-degree vehicle camera views. Any of these systems can be mounted to select Command Light towers to enhance visibility, and with the light tower’s spotlight effect and up to 360-degree rotational capability, fire command staff won’t miss a thing. With an optional tower-mounted camera, commanders can survey both fire and curbside activity from the pump panel, record firefighter actions for review and training (an optional feature), and ensure safety as crews move in and around the apparatus. Command Light partnered with INTEC Video Systems to provide two high-end camera options: the CVC500AH and the VSC510. Command Light also partnered with Safety Vision and Zone Defense to offer departments two vehicle camera system options, popular on mobile command units., 800-797-7974


LENTRY® All-Terrain LED Model 1STARX, with all-terrain legs for instant-on, remote, outdoor lighting, is the most affordable and convenient of the three-legged emergency scene LEDs made by Ventry Solutions, Inc. This easy-to-use, self-contained unit has the advantage of height (eight to nine feet) plus light weight (just 60 pounds). The efficient V-Star LED is 20,000 lumens, only 240 W, and runs for seven hours per 0.6 gallons of fuel. Lentry Light 1STARX is ideal for run time, light output, and compact size. See all features and benefits at, 888-257-8967


Streamlight®, Inc., Twin-Task® headlamp features both spot and COB flood beams that allow for hands-free lighting for both distance and close-up lighting tasks. The new headlamp features a traditional LED beam to provide spot lighting for distance illumination and a new technology, COB LED, which casts a smooth, diffused flood light to fill a work area with light while reducing glare. The Twin-Task Headlamp provides five lighting levels. The headlamp’s multifunction, pushbutton switch allows users to access the five modes. The spot LED (with high, medium, and low modes) ranges from 300 lumens and 4.25 hours of run time on high to 50 lumens and 38 hours on low. The COB flood LED has two modes: high (250 lumens and a 3.5-hour run time) and low (125 lumens and a 7.5-hour run time). The light uses three alkaline or lithium AA batteries located in a rear battery pack that is contoured for user comfort., 800-523-7488


Reelcraft’s new spring-retractable WCH7000 and WCH80001 cable welding reels are designed to improve safety in the work area and help increase efficiency and productivity. Built on the Series 7000 and 80000 platform, these reels are designed for electric welding applications. These new reels have a current path through a continuous 700-A, 90-VDC (maximum) rated enclosed slip ring. The WCH7000 can hold up to 50 feet of #3/0 or #4/0 work lead or electrode lead with the WCH80001 reel holding up to 75 feet., 800-444-3134

True North Gear

True North Gear® Dispatch Duffel lightweight gear bag fits turnout gear with ease. The 80L bag’s simple-yet-functional design is roomy enough for bunker gear, boots, and helmet. A zippered storage pocket on the front of the bag and two roomy interior pockets make space for gloves, small tools, or other essential items. Constructed from water-resistant 1000D Nylon Cordura® with a double-bottom layer for abrasion resistance, this bag’s materials and design make it durable, easy to clean, and ready for the next dispatch., 800-873-5725

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) safety webbing and tapes

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) safety webbing and tapes meet the demands of applications requiring high-temperature, fully engineered safety solutions. They can be used for shoulder straps, harness webbing, and chin straps as well as helmet suspension, binding tapes, lap belts, and shock absorbing webbing. Made from Nylon, Nomex®, Kevlar®, Vectran®, PBI®, Nextel®, and other specialty fibers, BRM’s safety webbing and tapes are suitable for applications requiring high tenacity, abrasion resistance, and flame and heat resistance. They offer conductivity, dimensional stability, and strength and can help to reduce weight and size. The materials meet United States (NFPA) requirements for firefighters’ protective clothing and equipment., 610-845-2211


FLIR identiFINDER® R200-GN spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD) is the latest addition to FLIR’s identiFINDER R200-Series handheld radiation security solutions. The rugged, pager-sized FLIR identiFINDER R200-GN SPRD can detect and identify neutrons in addition to gamma radiation, allowing front-line responders to quickly determine whether there is a true radiation threat for safe, informed decision making. The device meets the 1.5M drop criteria required by ANSI N42.32. The IP67 rating assures the R200-GN is protected against dust and immersion in water up to one meter deep. The R200-GN enclosure is also MIL-STD-810G compliant to protect against salt and fog. The unit features integrated Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology, which facilitates recording and sending real-time dose rates and geotag information via a companion mobile app.

etal Shark and ASV Global introduce “Sharktech” Autonomous Vessels

Metal Shark and ASV Global introduce “Sharktech” Autonomous Vessels. Metal Shark is now offering Sharktech autonomous technology on its entire portfolio of vessels, which range from 16 feet to more than 300 feet in aluminum, steel, and composite. Beyond simple waypoint navigation or the execution of preprogrammed mission routes, Sharktech’s ASView onboard digital control system features dynamic collision avoidance with robust decision-making capability. Depending on configuration, the system considers data from multiple situational awareness inputs, including multiple radars, 360-degree daylight and thermal cameras, and AIS to safely identify and steer clear of stationary and moving obstacles.,