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Issue 9 and Volume 23.

APPLE recently announced that iPhone users in the United States who call 911 will be able to automatically and securely share their location data with first responders beginning later this year with iOS 12, providing faster and more accurate information to help reduce emergency response times. Approximately 80 percent of 911 calls today come from mobile devices, but outdated, landline-era infrastructure often makes it difficult for 911 centers to quickly and accurately obtain a mobile caller’s location.


To address this challenge, Apple launched Hybridized Emergency Location (HELO) in 2015, which estimates a mobile 911 caller’s location using cell towers and on-device data sources like GPS and WiFi Access Points. Apple also announced that it will use emergency technology company RapidSOS’s Internet Protocol-based data pipeline to quickly and securely share HELO location data with 911 centers, improving response time when lives and property are at risk. RapidSOS’s system will deliver the emergency location data of iOS users by integrating with many 911 centers’ existing software, which rely on industry-standard protocols.


The U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross presented PHENIX TECHNOLOGY, INC. with the President’s “E” Award for Exports at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. The President’s “E” Award is the highest recognition any United States entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. Phenix Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of products and equipment for emergency service personnel. U.S. companies are nominated for the “E” Award through the Department of Commerce’s U.S. Commercial Service, located within the Department’s International Trade Administration. The U.S. Commercial Service helps U.S. companies expand in international markets by lending their expertise at every stage of the exporting process.


Since 2012, GLOBE BY MSA, DUPONT PROTECTION SOLUTIONS (DUPONT), AND THE NATIONAL VOLUNTEER FIRE COUNCIL (NVFC) have partnered to provide 403 sets of new, state-of-the-art turnout gear to fire departments in need—a value of more than $920,000. An additional 13 departments will each receive four sets of gear in 2018. The first two recipients of the 2018 Globe Gear Giveaway are the Hindman (KY) Volunteer Fire Department and Cedar Fort (UT) Volunteer Fire Department. The Hindman (KY) Volunteer Fire Department protects 2,000 residents located in the eastern part of the state. The Cedar Fort (UT) Volunteer Fire Department protects the second largest response area in Utah County, which encompasses 214 square miles.


PIERCE MANUFACTURING INC., an Oshkosh Corporation company, announced that MacQueen Emergency Group has acquired Schuhmacher Fire Equipment, expanding its territory to include Schuhmacher’s 109 Missouri counties. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, MacQueen Emergency Group is the authorized Pierce dealer for Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

MacQueen Emergency Group

With the acquisition of Schuhmacher, MacQueen has partnered with Rescue Repair, Inc., of Festus, Missouri, to provide factory-trained, certified technicians offering quality fire apparatus road service and repair in the former Schuhmacher territory. Western Missouri counties of Buchanan, Cass, Clay, Jackson, and Platte will continue to be supported by Pierce dealer Conrad Fire Equipment, Inc. Schuhmacher is based in Washington, Missouri, and has provided fire apparatus, equipment, and service since 1979. Established in 1961, the MacQueen Equipment Group has expanded significantly over the past 10 years, and the office in Washington, Missouri, will be the company’s third location.


TOMAR ELECTRONICS and CARSON MANUFACTURING are pleased to announce a partnership to support first responders and the communities they serve. The partnership is to produce a variety of solutions for emergency vehicle sirens. TOMAR has been in the business of designing and manufacturing safety products for first responders for 50 years, while Carson has been protecting those who protect for 70 years. The combined 120 years of experience in protecting first responders will aid in the continued development of rugged products engineered with the Envelope of Safety™ in mind. TOMAR and Carson will announce vehicle packages soon.


E-ONE Announces Order Of 11 Custom Industrial Trucks To Saudi Aramco

E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group, has announced a multimillion-dollar contract for 11 custom industrial pumpers from Saudi Aramco through its Saudi Arabian dealer, SESE.

The order includes three 4×2 multipurpose industrial pumpers, two 6×4 multipurpose industrial pumpers, and six 4×2 industrial pumpers. All three models of custom industrial pumpers are built on E-ONE Cyclone® cabs/chassis, with 8-kW PTO generators, Williams HotShot® foam systems, Hale® pumps, and Whelen® warning lights.


The E-ONE custom industrial pumpers for Saudi Aramco include:

  • 4×2 multipurpose industrial pumpers
    • Tank capacity of 750 gallons of class B foam concentrate and 280 gallons of water.
    • Holmatro® three-tool hydraulic rescue tool system with two reels in the front bumper.
    • 2,000-gpm Elkart monitor with Williams Ranger Hydro-Chem® nozzle 2.0.
    • Hale 8FG pump rated at 2,000 gpm.
    • Single-arm ladder rack.
  • 6×4 multipurpose industrial pumpers
    • Tank capacity of 500 gallons of class B foam concentrate and 1,030 gallons of water.
    • Holmatro® three-tool hydraulic rescue tool system with two reels in the front bumper.
    • 2,000-gpm Elkart monitor with Williams Ranger Hydro-Chem® nozzle 2.0.
    • 500-pound dry chemical system.
    • Hale 8FG pump rated at 2,000 gpm.
    • Drop-down ladder rack.
  • 4×2 industrial pumpers
    • Tank capacity of 750 gallons of class B foam concentrate and
      280 gallons of water.
    • Williams® Ambassador 2×6 monitor.
    • Hale 8FG pump rated at 3,000 gpm.
    • Single-arm ladder rack.

    “This order from our long-term partner demonstrates the effectiveness of E-ONE and its international dealers in reaching and supporting global markets,” says Sam Itani, E-ONE’s vice president of international sales. “Congratulations to SESE, and many thanks for Saudi Aramco’s continuous trust in E-ONE.”




E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group, announced the award of a four-year Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) cooperative contract. Sourcewell creates national cooperative contract purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies. Cooperative contracts offer both time and money savings for users by consolidating the efforts of numerous individually prepared solicitations into one national, cooperatively shared process—taking advantage of the aggregation of volume from members nationwide.


The Sourcewell contract provides access to the following E-ONE products: custom and commercial pumpers and tankers, aerial ladders and platforms, rescues of all sizes, quick-attack units, industrial apparatus, and aircraft rescue firefighting vehicles. Through this contract, E-ONE and its dealer partners offer their complete product lines, parts, loose equipment, service, and “cradle to grave” solutions.


MAGNEGRIP Exhaust Removal and AirHAWK Air Purification Systems are installed in new facilities and retrofitted into existing structures as upgrades or replacement systems. Some of the recently completed fire department station installations with MagneGrip Exhaust Removal and AirHAWK Air Purification equipment include the Montgomery (AL) Fire/Rescue Department; the Mobile (AL) Fire Rescue Department Crichton Station; the St. Petersburg (FL) Fire Rescue (Fossil Park); the Ft. Myers Beach (FL) Fire Department; the Cleveland (TN) Fire Department; the Pigeon Forge (TN) Fire Department; Fort Wainwright Fire and Emergency Services, Fairbanks, Alaska; and University Fire Department, Fairbanks, Alaska. MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems and AirHAWK Air Purification Systems remove vehicle exhaust emissions and other contaminants in emergency service facilities to reduce firefighter risk for cancer and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases while keeping spaces clean and tidy.




HME Delivers Commercial Tanker to Buffalo Township (MO)
Fire Protection District

The Buffalo Township (MO) Fire Protection District recently took delivery of an HME Ahrens-Fox commercial tanker built on a Freightliner M2 cab and chassis. The fire apparatus features a 2,000-gallon UPF tank, a 1,500-gpm Waterous CSU pump, a Honda 5-kW generator, and corrosion-resistant vertical roll-up doors. This truck features a Freightliner chassis with a 2,000-gallon United Plastics tank. This truck is ready to deliver water with a 1,500-gpm Waterous CSU pump. Also featured are a Honda 5-kW generator and shoreline system and corrosion-resistant vertical roll-up doors. The tanker is powered by a 350-hp Cummins ISL9 engine and Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission.

HME Delivers Commercial Tanker to Buffalo Township


LETTERS ON “What’s with the Black Finish?” by Robert Tutterow, Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment, July 2018

Please let Mr Tutterow know that I completely agree with his article regarding departments ordering rigs that are “blacked out.” I spent over 35 years in the fire service and was very much involved in writing apparatus specifications and apparatus purchasing. I look at some of these new rigs being delivered with blacked-out color schemes and can’t believe that a chief would allow such a color scheme on an apparatus that he ultimately has the final approval on. A chief’s ultimate job is to ensure that his firefighters have the best training, equipment, and direction to ensure that the firefighters perform to their best capabilities and ultimately go home as safe and healthy as they were at the start of their shifts. Statistics used to show that approximately 25 percent of firefighter fatalities were a direct result of transportation to or from emergency incidents. Why in the world a chief would compromise firefighter safety by allowing less visibility during emergency responses is foolish and a dereliction of duty. Blacking out your personal vehicle may be the cool thing to do, but blacking out your fire truck is absurd. Do your job, Chiefs! Thank you for the great article.

Richard Dennin
Deputy Chief (Ret.)
South San Francisco (CA)

I just read Robert Tutterow’s article about black paint on fire apparatus. I just want to say that I totally agree with him and have been saying the same thing since it gained popularity. Why anyone would paint the top of their large apparatus black in the state of Texas or anywhere in the South I have no idea. Talk about extra hot! I totally agree about the visibility aspect also. We have to put bright chevrons on the rear, yet they paint a truck black and dark red with black wheels? I am a red and chrome guy, as well as practical. Thanks to him for writing the article.

Todd Colvin
Assistant Chief
North Hays County Fire/Rescue
Dripping Springs, Texas

I LOVED Robert Tutterow’s article about apparatus with “black matte” items, nonreflective, nonvisible, etc. I have wondered about the same thing. The statement about “black vests” was perfect!

William Goldfeder
Deputy Chief
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
Loveland, OH