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10 Fire Station Design Features

Tips Courtesy of the Fire Industry Education Resource Organization (F.I.E.R.O.)

The following are 10 station design tips compiled by members of F.I.E.R.O. based on its jurors’ years of experience in designing fire stations as well as judging station designs for F.I.E.R.O.’s Fire Station Design Symposium awards entries.

City of Indianapolis – Fire Station No. 14 – The 12,970 SF fire station was rebuilt to fit the needs of both functional and aesthetic, of the fire station and the surrounding community.

  1. Lockers in sleeping rooms may be more private, but lockers in locker rooms promote camaraderie.
  2. If separate sleeping areas are a must, consider cubicles or rooms without doors if codes will allow.
  3. Don’t forget outdoor cooking and eating areas. If possible, have them adjacent to the kitchen area.
  4. Have remote shutoffs and/or controls installed for natural gas, lights, stoves, ovens, garage doors, etc. in the event firefighters leave something on or open. Dispatchers can turn things on/off or open/close with a computer if needed.
  5. Do not provide TV outlets or wall stands in bedrooms. If a firefighter insists on watching TV alone, let him or her use a laptop.
  6. Most drive-through stations do not function as a drive-through. There frequently is a reserve apparatus, trailer, or project in the way.
  7. While most departments no longer use a “watch rooms,” report writing rooms or study rooms can often be positioned to be de facto watch room. Watch rooms do have the effect of making a visitor to the station feel as if they are about to be observed.
  8. Stations should have a clearly defined “visitors’ entrance.”
  9. Provide a flag pole or flag poles. If the U.S. flag is to be flown 24/7/365, then the flag must be lighted at night.
  10. Bollards are required to protect the building from being struck by the apparatus, whether backing or moving forward. Some departments are now putting bollards inside the station as well as outside