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Proper Hose Care and Maintenance: Why Does It Matter?

The main focus in the fire industry today revolves around maintaining and caring for your PPE properly, but what about your department hose? Like PPE, fire hose is one of the most used items in the fire service, so maintenance is just as important as it prolongs the life of the hose and allows it to perform as designed. 

The push for maintaining, washing, and drying your hose has become more important than ever before. With guidelines in place, departments should do their best at keeping up with the requirements that have been set forth. Not only will it help their overall budgets, replacing less hose year after year, but it can also help save the life of the firefighter using it.

To make sure you are taking care of your hose properly, you want to follow the NFPA regulations that are set in place. The 35-page NFPA 1962 document (which can be downloaded when signing up to be an NFPA member on their Web site) covers all care, use, inspection, testing and replacement of hose, couplings, nozzles, and appliances, helping provide a reasonable level of safety for users of fire hose and a reasonable degree of assurance that the hose, coupling assemblies, and nozzles will perform as designed. To download the document visit:

There are also books and manuals that can be purchased and are also given out in the fire academies that go over the care and maintenance of department hose. From hose/liner inspection to drying and cleaning of hose to hose storage, there is a decent amount of information needed to know so you are taking care of the gear that takes care of you.

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