Product News

Issue 7 and Volume 22.

HME Ahrens-Fox, Inc., cab-console design features integrated touchscreen controls, a modular design easily configured to support specialized demands, individual driver and officer command and control touchscreen panels, an ergonomic design that provides easy screen access and operation, and durable console material construction for easy maintenance and long service life.

The sweeping arc of the front console provides essential truck instrumentation for the driver in an accessible and easy-to-read format. The driver’s console also features a right-hand panel with additional touchscreen switch controls. The officer’s side of the console features a left-hand touchscreen panel. Both panels feature adaptive touchscreen technology that can be configured to support individual apparatus command and control demands, as required., 616-534-1463

Whelen Avenger® II Series dash lights offer compact and inconspicuous design. The dash lights are barely visible until powered on and are simple to transfer from vehicle to vehicle.

Combination Linear/TIR optics provide high-intensity warning and illumination, and a smaller profile maximizes space for optimal versatility. The Avenger II is available with SOLO, DUO, and TRIO technology. products.html, 860-526-9504

Scott Safety Protégé SG reusable single-gas monitor and MasterDock II expandable docking station. The Protégé SG is a reusable single-gas monitor that is interchangeable to detect 13 gases, which provides flexibility when dealing with unknown gas hazards. The swappable sensors are equipped with smart sensor board technology, providing automatic recognition of sensor type and updating relevant information on the LCD display while downloading the required calibration parameters.

The MasterDock II supports the Protégé SG, the Protégé, and all future portable monitors. The MasterDock II is programmable and has multiple functions including bumping, calibrating, charging, storing records, and printing calibration certificates. With enhanced connectivity, the MasterDock II can support Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and IrDA connections., 704-291-8300

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment triple-layered, lightweight firefighting hoods are constructed with a paper-thin layer of DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex between layers of viscose. DuPont’s material acts as a barrier that filters out particles more than 100 times smaller than the human eye can see while simultaneously providing high breathability for comfort.

At the same time, the hoods reportedly provide a 25 percent improvement in thermal protection performance (TPP) compared with conventional FR knit materials. This means greater protection of the face and neck region, where a hood is usually the single line of defense. At the same time, the hood is designed to fit comfortably under the helmet., 757-855-2233

Coxreels industrial-duty LED light for the PC13 (Power Cord) cord reels has a variety of industrial-grade features including an LED end-light feature, internal light diffuser, adjustable steel hooks for hands-free placement, and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses.

The new Coxreels LED light is UL-listed with a 50,000-hour rating., 800-269-7335

The RAMFAN® EX50Li battery-powered all-purpose ventilator is available from TheFireStore. Euramco Group has equipped the RAMFAN EX50Li with second-generation PowerStream® airflow straighteners for flexible positioning, reduced noise inside the structure, and a deeper FlowPath™ through the structure. The unit can easily hang from a door bar. Alternatively, it can be positioned face-down over the top of standard manholes and blow directly down into them.

It can quickly connect to RAMFAN’s duct adapter/reducer and 16-inch duct to provide clean, fresh air to trapped individuals or to successfully exhaust harmful gases from the atmosphere. It also features 400 energy-efficient LEDs for scene lights that are integrated into the shroud and illuminate whatever is in their path., 800-852-6088

Ziamatic Corp.’s (Zico’s) QUIC-RELEASE STRAPLESS “D” BRACKET, MODEL QR-D-3, features a larger latch opening to accommodate the wider “all-in-one” style of regulators used by many departments today. Simply place the cylinder in the bracket and press back through the latch to lock it into place—no straps required.

The QR-D-3 secures standard aluminum, jumbo aluminum, and steel “D” gas cylinders and is made with durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. It mounts vertically solo or side by side and fits within the dimensions of virtually all current “strapped” models for worry-free retrofitting., 800-711-FIRE

C&S Supply High Viz™ wildland products reduce tripping hazards during backfiring operations—especially at night. Traditional valves often are not visible in the dark. High Viz wildland products eliminate this tripping hazard.

Painted high-visibility yellow and featuring red Oralite® reflective tape, the same material used for chevrons on the back of fire apparatus, crews can easily find High Viz appliances during the day or night. High Viz wildland products, exclusively from C & S Supply, make backfiring, nozzle operations, and mop-up safer., 970-663-4966