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Multiple Purpose Storage Systems from Ready Rack

Store a wide variety of equipment in a very small footprint. Can store 24 SCBA units, up to 32 air cylinders, up to 1,400 feet of 2½-inch, or be set up as a combination storage system depending on your department’s needs.

The following Configurations are available:

  1. MPSS-H: Hose Configuration includes three Double Hose Ledges
  2. MPSS-S: SCBA Configuration includes 24 Air Pack L-Bracket with two Speed Clips* 
  3. MPSS-C: Cylinder Configuration storage includes eight V-Shelves for Cylinders and eight Air Pack L-Brackets with two Speed Clips*
  4. MPSS-HC: Hose and Cylinder Configuration includes two Single Hose Ledges and (4) V-Shelves for Cylinders
  5. MPSS-HSC: Hose/SCBA/Cylinder Configuration includes three V-Shelves for Cylinders, two Single Hose Ledges, (1) Double Hose Ledge, eight Air Pack L-Brackets with two Speed Clips*

*Specify bottle size – 5″, 6″ or 7″

To learn more about the five different configurations of the Multiple Purpose Storage Systems or to request a custom combination, visit