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Ready Rack Mobile Hose Drying Solution

The MHD-80, Mobile Hose Dryer is made in the USA of heavy-duty steel with a red power coated finish and was designed to help equipment dry naturally and quickly, prolonging the PPE’s life. It can dry up to 1200’ of 1 ½” – 1 ¾” or up to 800’ of 2 ½” – 3” hose, immersion suits, wet or dry dive gear and/or decontaminated hazmat suits. The MHD-80 is 80” L x 33” W x 88” H, weighs 220 lbs. and comes complete with 4 heavy-duty casters. Pair it with our Hose Winder (HW-1) to complete your dry and store hose storage solution for you and your department.

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