Product News

Issue 12 and Volume 21.

The Hannay FF Series standard booster reels are designed to handle 1¼- or 1½-inch I.D. booster hoses or 1½- or 1¾-inch I.D. collapsible hose. The booster hose reel is steel-painted graphite with aluminum, but stainless steel construction is also available. A gear-driven crank rewind and pinion brake come standard with options for a chain-and-sprocket drive powered by electric, hydraulic, or compressed-air motor.

Rollers and roller-mounting brackets are accessory items that can be added on request. The Series can handle pressures up to 600 psi. A Super Booster® reel is an available option, which weighs up to 30 percent less than the standard booster reel because of its aluminum construction., 877-467-3357

The Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk rescue tool’s hardened point is for breaking glass, making purchase points in laminated glass, use as a tire punch, and making a strut insertion point in the body of a vehicle. It also features a pry bar for making a purchase point in door, hood, or trunk seams for a hydraulic tool insertion and prying off hatch and trunk gas struts; a gas shut-off valve wrench; and a flat surface for hammering in cribbing, wedges, or striking surface for driving points into objects.

Other features of the tool include a laminated glass saw, beveled plastic cutter, large trim puller, spanner wrench, glass notch, antenna remover, valve stem puller, gasket puller, and beveled edge for removing trim., 800-323-9129

The Harrison “HYDRA-SKID” Short-Bed Brush Kit package is developed to work with any of the Ford F-Series chassis factory-ordered with a Ford Live Drive power takeoff (PTO) provision and using a Harrison Hydra-Drive. The HYDRA-SKID harnesses the power of the Harrison IHT-HQ system to deliver a compact package for powering up 150-gpm water pumps in stationary or in true NFPA pump-and-roll conditions.

Simplified operation is achieved and any speed with the flick of a switch. Features include 10 percent shorter wheelbase, 20 percent shorter box length, 20 percent lower chassis cost, and 25 percent more water capacity., 800-723-3334

The Agri Drain Warthog Floating Pump is a rugged, highly-efficient pump that pumps water at a rate of 850 gpm for fast, efficient water removal or retrieval. The pump weighs approximately 85 pounds, allowing for the setup and use of the pump to be a one-person job. With the optional floating fuel tank, you can increase the typical run time from around one hour to approximately 12 to 15 hours between refueling intervals. Just set it in the water, roll out the hose, pull the cord, and walk away.

The Warthog Floating Pump is great for water removal as well as supplying water from a remote water source. The pump’s 400-foot hose can move water from a flooded area or can take water from a water source and supply it to an area where it is urgently needed., 800-232-4742