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Dräger Launches X-Zone 3D with Worldwide Real-Time Data Transfer

Continuing its commitment to mobile area monitoring, Dräger’s X-zone 5500 with advanced 3D communication adds a new layer of safety to its existing state-of-the-art area monitoring system through the ability to transfer key data to workstations situated across the globe. Along with these developments, users can rely on the existing features of the X-zone 5500, such as functionality and durability in the harshest of operational environments.

In today’s fire and rescue services environment, data-logging and transfer capabilities make the insights gleaned from regular review invaluable in missions involving the handling of hazardous materials and emergency rescue. Through Dräger’s 3D communication capabilities, users will gain information such as gas levels, battery levels and alarm information to assist in a variety of worksite operations.

The X-zone 5500 with advanced 3D communication allows fire departments to improve real-time data sharing via radio signal to a PC-based workstation from up to three miles away; or even farther when leveraging strategically located radio signal repeaters. Data is transmitted at a frequency between 902 and 928 MHz, ensuring reliable cross-site coverage, while reducing the number of transmitting radios needed.

“Users of the X-zone 5500 have the opportunity to strengthen and enhance their data collection, monitoring and sharing suite with the new 3D wireless transmitter. The accessibility and use of data allows individuals to pinpoint the information most relevant to them,” said Larry Medina, Product Portfolio Marketing Manager at Draeger Safety. “With the amount of data trickling out to different streams at the same time, users can leverage the information they need to improve worksite safety and diminish risk.”

The portable gas technology of the X-zone 5500 allows continuous monitoring and rapid detection of up to six hazardous gases in conjunction with the X-am 5000 portable gas detection series. The powerful combination of these mobile wireless systems extends the range of portable gas detection technology on site, supporting the option for the user to interconnect up to hundreds of X-zone 5500 devices to form a wireless fence of reliable detection.