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Zico Crowns a New King of the Fire Scene

Zico Pike Pole Z Falcon

YARDLEY, PAZiamatic Corp. (Zico) has crowned a new king of the fire scene—the Ziamatic Z-Falcon tool.
Jabbing a pike pole or ceiling hook into the drywall often pulls back just shards and scraps. Not the Z-Falcon. Its steel-alloy penetrator head pierces the drywall like a javelin. Once through, the three folding talons expand and lock into place like a grappling hook, pulling back large chunks of debris each time. The result? The job gets done faster and more efficiently than ever before.
The Z-Falcon’s handle merges comfort with multi-functionality, adding a 5-1/2” pry and 1-3/4” striking surface to expand its arsenal. The high-quality steel-alloy components are coated in manganese phosphate for maximum rust protection. The heavy-duty fiberglass pole is available in lengths of 48”, 54” and 60” with either yellow or orange coloring.
A great choice for home renovation and room demolition too!
Available now. Ask to try one for 30 days of test and evaluation. To view a video demonstration, visit
For more information please call 1-800-711-FIRE or visit

See a Zico representative at booth #3403 for a demonstration.