Product News

Issue 1 and Volume 21.

RealWheels stainless steel simulators for steel wheels save departments money now and in the future because of reduced maintenance costs resulting from the RealWheels lifetime mirror-shine finish. All the simulators are made from heavy-gauge 304L stainless steel. They have more universal features and require fewer part numbers to fit a variety of wheel sizes.

They all have patented, over-the-lug style mounting, which does not require removing lug nuts. All parts can be ordered individually, and 22.5- and 24.5-inch rear simulators come standard with the company’s stainless steel braided valve extensions for easy air pressure monitoring and access. RealWheels offers a variety of sizes and styles to fit almost every commercial vehicle on the road., 800-982-1180

Blauer four-inch STRIKE shoe is now in stock and available. The shoe builds on Blauer’s line of footwear for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) professionals, heeding their call for a lower-ankle option for everyday use. The STRIKE has been engineered to take the best features of tactical boots and distill them down into a high-comfort option for those looking for EMS shoes, station footwear, or everyday use in law enforcement outside of full-height police boots.

Blauer’s use of the patented BOA® lacing system ensures a custom fit every day, throughout the day, no matter what work entails. Breathable upper material is used in key locations to reduce overheating, and a flexible but durable sole allows the wearer full range of motion while still ensuring stability and grip in a variety of conditions., 800-225-6715

LEADER Mix autonomous and automatic foam proportioner is a compromise between conventional venturi inductors and traditional automatic systems because of the wide range of flow rates and injection ratios available. Totally autonomous, it does not require a power supply. Thanks to a simple mechanical design, its maintenance is greatly reduced.

The LEADER Mix has a wide range of flow rates (60 to 250 gpm) and a wide operating pressure range (from 75 to 230 psi), permitting it to replace four conventional injectors (60, 90, 125, and 250 gpm). The LEADER Mix allows users to precisely adjust the foam concentrate injected from 0.5 to six percent (metering accuracy meets EN16712 standard) and adapts to the selected rate of the nozzle. The LEADER Mix instantly injects the foam concentrate, isn’t affected by pressure variations, and works at less than 150 psi.

MSA Bluetooth-enabled G1 SCBA is an SCBA-to-two-way-radio voice communication system using Bluetooth technology. Users can now pair MSA G1 SCBA with a Bluetooth-enabled Motorola APX Series radio. Using dual microphones within the MSA G1 regulator, users can transmit clear communication while eliminating background noise, ensuring that voice is the only sound received by incident command.

When the low-pressure warning device is activated and the user is in full alarm, voice communication is the only sound transmitted. The system requires an MSA G1 SCBA, Bluetooth-enabled Motorola APX Series radio, MSA A2 software, MSA RFID reader/writer, and MSA radio RFID tag., 877-MSA-FIRE

Hale Products, Inc. Class1 SmartCAFS product line uses Class1’s UltraView controller and features preprogrammed pushbutton operation, which enables the flow of foam with the push of a single button. The combination of the SmartCAFS system and the UltraView allows firefighters to easily monitor and calibrate complex diagnostics while staying focused on their job.

Additional assets include sunlight visibility, multilanguage capabilities with plain-text warnings and on-screen tutorials, safety interlocks, adjustable foam-to-air ratios, and air-to-water pressure balancing. For even greater flexibility and performance, Class1 SmartCAFS can be added to any of the following pump configurations: DSD, Qmax-XS, Qtwo, and Qmax., 800-533-3569

Hannay Reels F1500 Series reel is available in manual or power rewind for long-length utility and breathing air hoses. The lightweight, compact reels are designed especially for the fire and rescue industry with a chain-and-sprocket drive powered by an electric or compressed-air motor on power-rewind models.

Manual-rewind models include a cam-lock drag brake and spring-actuated pin lock. F1500 reels are made with internal stainless steel construction for compatibility with breathing air applications., 518-797-3791

KIMTEK Corporation FIRELITE® Transport UTV model FTUHP-UTV-205 is designed to fit into many of the larger side-by-side vehicles available today. The FTUHP-UTV-205, with optional rescue area, is quickly transformed for fire and rescue service and adaptable for multiple response options. A base FTUHP-UTV-205 includes a 55-gallon polypropylene water tank with five-gallon foam cell, the FoamPro® foam system, as well as the FoamPro Turbo Stream Triplex Plunger and a 13-hp electric-start pump with a dual-action spray gun that delivers foam solution over 45 feet.

The unit allows 8 gpm at 1,400 psi through 100 feet of half-inch high-pressure-rated booster hose with UHP nozzle. The Hannay 1500 series UHP electric rewind reel also comes standard. FTUHP series base and components are constructed from aluminum tubing and bright aluminum diamond plate and feature all-stainless steel plumbing and brass valves., 888-546-8358