Issue 11 and Volume 11.

First Edition Products announces the introduction of unbreakable hand tools for fire and rescue personnel. The hand tools: axes, European-made sledge hammers and wrecking bars; complement the company’s lines of specialty saw blades including the Power Twister, Power Ripper, Power Chopper, Universal Tungsten Carbide, and its unique electronic tools including its DrillSpotter Metal Detector.

The firefighter’s axes – pick-head type – are available in standard 6-pound and 8-pound weights with virtually “unbreakable” fiberglass handles that do not splinter or break like wood, according to the maker. The handles are coated with highly visible yellow PVC plastic. Drop-forged high-carbon tempered steel heads are securely affixed with industrial epoxy adhesive.

Heavy-duty wrecking bars are available in the popular goose-neck and the unique “T-type”, or double-claw, styles. Both are constructed of high carbon steel with hexagonal shank for superior strength and grip. Available in 12-, 24-, and 36- inch lengths. The heavy-duty wrecking bars are constructed of drop-forged, heat-treated, with high carbon steel, according to First Edition Products. The T-Type bar is a unique double-claw design that offers dual angles of attack, providing maximum utility. The Gooseneck claw design gives leverage and strength.

Traditional European-style sledge hammers made in Italy are also available. According to the maker, the European design features a more compact head with a larger striking surface than found on sledge hammers typically sold in the U.S. Hammers are available in popular weights of 2, 6, 8, and 10 pounds.

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