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VHF/UHF Digital Repeaters

Icom America introduces the new FR5200H/FR6200H, a series of VHF/UHF digital repeaters for the company’s IDAS™ product line. The new repeaters provide 100 percent duty cycle operation at 50-W output, mixed mode operation, and other practical features. The Icom FR5200H Series is available now from an Authorized Icom dealer.

The FR5200H/FR6200H 50W digital repeaters provide full duty cycle operation by employing a high-performance power amplifier and built-in heatsink in a solid Mil-Spec chassis. The repeater series operates IDAS conventional, NXDN™ Type-D trunking and analog FM modes. The FR5200H also promotes mixed-mode functionality, which allows users to receive both analog FM and IDAS conventional modes and transmit either mode depending on the received signal.

The new series also features 32 memory channels and five programmable buttons. The front panel interface also includes a 12-digit dot-matrix display, LEDs to show channel conditions, and an internal speaker. The rear panel features a programmable D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector for connecting external devices. Other radio functions include multiple CTCSS, DTCS and digital Radio Access Number (RAN) decoding and downlinking of the received signal with a specified tone/code. This function allows sharing of a channel with multiple groups.

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