Product News

Issue 2 and Volume 19.

Zco PublicEye mobile app does two things. First, it redefines and expands the number of people involved with public safety. Second, it changes how they collaborate, communicate, interact, and perform their tasks or how they keep abreast of information that is crucial to doing their jobs. Most people think of police, fire, and EMS when they say public safety. PublicEye expands this notion to governors and mayors and their staffs, hospitals, schools, banks, and other institutions as well as the public. Governors and mayors can use PublicEye’s notification system to alert them of important incidents such as a school lockdown or natural disaster. They may then tune into its secure, nonpublic communication capabilities (video surveillance and streaming, digital radio, group MMS, real-time geographical incident maps, and so on) to monitor the situation on their smartphones. Banks, schools, airports, and other institutions can integrate their surveillance systems with PublicEye. First responders at the scene, staff at headquarters, or even their counterparts in adjoining jurisdictions for mutual-aid purposes can view these cameras. PublicEye also leverages the general public to aid in public safety. The public can tweet images surrounding a fire, natural disaster, accident, child abduction, and so on. Police and firefighters can view these images surrounding the incident on their mobile devices to plan their action. PublicEye seamlessly connects and visually displays the tweets and other social media feeds, 911 calls, and the location associated with an incident., 603-881-9191

Tri Lite Mars LED version of the Mars TB8 warning light is designed for emergency vehicles. The TB8-L1 LED model is three times brighter and lasts thousands of hours longer than comparable halogen models. It draws less than half the amps or watts of traditional warning lights and is also more durable because there are no fragile filaments to break. Both the new TB8-L1 LED lamp and the traditional TB8 are available in pedestal mounted or flush mounted styles; either can be ordered with red or clear lenses. The voltage range for the LED models is 12 to 24 VDC while the halogen models have separate 12- or 24-V options. These warning lights provide a bright and oscillating beam that aids in clearing the road, day or night, even in adverse conditions., 800-322-5250

Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) QUIC-MOUNT Horizontal Ram Bracket, Model QM-RB-1, is an inexpensive alternative to custom box fabrication. The heavy-duty, aluminum QM-RB-is designed to safely and securely store one hydraulic or battery-powered ram tool inside the compartment. Mounting to nearly any flat surface, the QM-RB-1 consists of one aluminum bracket that won’t rust or stain, one thick nylon strap, and a large plastic buckle that’s easy to operate with or without gloves. When needed, the tool is simply unbuckled and lifted off the shelf. Emergency personnel just grab and go., 800-711-FIRE

HazMatIQ Stay Alive Five equipment (S.A.F.e) Kit provides responders with five pieces of basic detection equipment required to operate in the hot zone of hazmat or CBRN incidents. The S.A.F.e kit complements the HazMatIQ response system by providing the responder with a mission-ready kit. The S.A.F.e Kit includes a Radmeter, F Paper, pH paper, Temp Gun, and LEL meter. This rapidly deployable kit is designed to be standalone and holds all the necessary supporting equipment including bump gas, chargers, and HazMatIQ charts. The four-step HazMatIQ response system is built on the fundamental principle of using meters to detect hazards that eyes cannot see. The S.A.F.e kit’s five lifesaving meters are the red light meters identified in the HazMatIQ system and listed on the HazMatIQ Smart Charts., 517-819-0615