Apparatus/Equipment News

Issue 12 and Volume 18.

AMKUS Rescue Systems Mini SimoAMKUS Rescue Systems Mini Simo GH2B-MCH with BOOST offers two-tool simultaneous operation with “BOOST” mode. When in alternate operation, “BOOST” mode will increase tool speed in both pump stages. Weighing in at approximately 58 pounds, the compact unit offers a carrying handle and is very portable. In addition, the modular design reduces the time required for service. 800-592-6587

HAIX's Airpower XR1HAIX’s Airpower® XR1 was developed with the wildland firefighter in mind. The Airpower® XR1 can take personnel to the fireline and back while offering the comfort you need to keep you on your feet all day in the station. The newly developed cushioned insole offers comfort, especially when combined with the HAIX® built-in arch support system. The Airpower® XR1 offers waterproof/chemical protection with the CROSSTECH® inner liner, composite toe protection, and nonmetallic puncture protection. Compliant with NFPA 1977 and NFPA 1999. 866-344-4249

Gorman-Rupp fire pumpsGorman-Rupp fire pumps are engineered to deliver dependable performance without interruption. From portable to larger tanker pumps, all are designed for little or no maintenance. Tanker pumps are suitable for water transfer, drafting, and fighting brush fires. These pumps are self-priming and easy to mount and feature aluminum or cast iron construction with enclosed impellers. Pumps are available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and come standard with a mechanical self-lubricating seal., 419-755-1011

Paratech's HYDRAFUSION STRUTParatech’s HYDRAFUSION STRUT is available in three types: HFS 16 (lifts 16 inches), HFS 10 (lifts 10 inches), and HFS 04 (lifts four inches). All lift 10 tons with a 2:1 safety factor. All shore 20,000 pounds with a 4:1 safety factor. They feature the patent-pending Dual Shaft End Adapter for use with Paratech AcmeThread or LongShore RescueStruts as well as no-spill, flat-face hydraulic couplings with a nonconductive 10-inch kink-resistant hose. Two speed, single acting, lightweight, 10,000 psi, metal hydraulic pump., 815-469-3911

Streamlight Vantage bright red helmet-mounted tactical light Streamlight® Vantage® bright red helmet-mounted tactical light is powered by C4® LED technology for extreme brightness. Both the new red and the existing black Vantage also now feature an improved light output of 115 lumens and 7,000 candela peak beam intensity, and an increased beam distance of 167 meters. The helmet light also features an ultra-bright blue safety tail light that enables firefighters and rescue workers to be seen in smoke-filled rooms, blackout conditions and other emergency situations regardless of which direction the light is shining. The red Vantage uses two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries and delivers six hours of continuous run time. Streamlight will donate $3.00 from the sale of each light to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation., 800-523-7488

Aluminum Ladder's SURE-STEP IIAluminum Ladder’s SURE-STEP II is a durable, operator-friendly ladder that provides safe access to the top of any apparatus. The ladder stores in a low- profile position parallel to the truck body. To use, the bottom section flips down, rotating the ladder to a comfortable 10-degree climbing angle. When finished, the bottom section flips up, causing the ladder to return to a vertical stored position. The cam-action design locks the ladder in both the working and stored positions, providing a simple one-hand operation., 800-752-2526

Icom America F3230D Series portable radioIcom America F3230D Series portable radio is compatible with IDAS™ multisite conventional, single-site trunking, and multisite trunking. The F3230D joins Icom’s IDAS MultiTrunk™ offerings, which include the F3210D Series portable and F5220D Series mobile released earlier this year. The F3230D portable includes convenient and practical features for utilities, municipalities, government, and B&I markets that need coverage over a large regional area. The channel announcement function audibly reports the channel when rotating the channel knob, allowing the user to make adjustments without having to look at the radio. Icom’s new radio is easy to use and features an eight-character alphanumeric LCD. The F3230D is Mil-Spec and rated IP67 for dust-tight and waterproof protection., 800-426-7983

Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) QUIC-MOUNT Double Extrication Tool HolderZiamatic Corp. (Zico) QUIC-MOUNT Double Extrication Tool Holder, Model QM-ETD-1, is an adjustable upright extrication tool mounting solution for two extrication tools. The heavy duty, aluminum QM-ETD-1 features independently adjustable components, including tilt angle, enabling it to safely and securely accommodate many popular makes and models of cutters, spreaders, and combination tools upright in the compartment. Mounting to nearly any flat surface, the QM-ETD-1 eliminates the need for expensive, custom-fabricated mounting boxes. Whether buying a new apparatus or replacing the tools on an existing one, a Double Extrication Tool Holder can be used over and over again with only a few minor adjustments. It is suitable for both hydraulic and battery-powered tools., 215-493-3618

ARIHETRA Engine Hoist AH09756ARIHETRA Engine Hoist AH09756 offers the strength, boom rotation, spring retracting chain, and three-step boom extension lengths to make it a maneuverable tool that allows technicians to work with the space afforded to them. The engine hoist places a large emphasis on safety with a 9,000-pound lifting capacity, which is capable of handling most engine sizes. This maximum lifting capacity combined with its collapsible frame help this tool exceed job performance standards and allow it to be easily stored away when unused., 800-562-3250

Haven South A-FAST nozzle systemHaven South A-FAST nozzle system features the interior nozzle which is the A-FAST I and the exterior nozzle which is called the A-FAST II, or the “Walker.” The A-FAST I interior attic nozzle stands about six feet long, has a pistol grip, and 1½-inch ball valve attached to a rigid 1½- by one-inch female coupling. This pipe is then connected to a solid brass tip. This tip is about four inches long and looks like a bullet. The tip has a series of holes around in three rows. The hole sizes equal about 5½ inches of openings. When flowing, the stream pattern is 360 degrees horizontally. There is no back pressure on this nozzle flowing approximately 200 gallons per minute (gpm). The A-FAST II “Walker” exterior attic nozzle comes with the same ball valve as the A-FAST I. The coupling to the valve is a swivel so the nozzle can be slid up the roof or ladder and inserted into the vent hole. This coupling is then connected to a one-inch aluminum pipe that is approximately 7½ feet long. The end is bent to a 22.5-degree angle to reflect the average pitch of a roof. Water flows are between 150 and 175 gpm, 360 degrees from center. This nozzle weighs approximately 9½ pounds., 859-621-2972