Apparatus/Equipment News

Issue 8 and Volume 18.

HMA Fire and Hannay Reels Partner on Off-Road Utility Vehicles

HMA Fire and Hannay Reels have partnered to create off-road utility vehicles by adding Hannay Reels’ high-pressure hose reels to HMA’s ultra-high-pressure (UHP) mobile fire apparatus. UHP systems deliver microscopic water droplets at an extremely high velocity, always 1,100 pounds per square inch (psi) or higher. Using UHP technology, HMA Fire can offer systems for on- and off-road vehicles, ATVs, brush trucks, skid units, or retrofit packages for existing vehicles like pickup trucks and full sized fire apparatus.

HMA Fire recently began creating off-road utility vehicles to extinguish fires in areas where traditional trucks can’t access. These self-sustaining units are completely mobile and equipped with a water and foam tank for flammable or combustible liquids. The units carry 100 gallons of water.

With UHP, small water droplets provide more surface area to extinguish a fire. These droplets also convert to steam quicker, which displaces oxygen. Additionally, UHP systems can emit a layer of foam for a fuel fire when using the appropriate foam type.

The pressures required for UHP demand a hose reel that can handle high pressures through long hoses. HMA Fire chose Hannay Reels to supply the reels for its new off-road utility vehicles. Hannay Reels manufactures durable hose and cable reels for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

With all UHP system components, there is limited space left on these vehicles, so HMA Fire requires a reel that can precisely fit into a small space. Hannay Reels will take parameters and specifications for every reel HMA Fire orders to ensure the reels precisely fit and operate under the expected conditions to which they will be exposed. Additionally, the reels must withstand 1,500 psi and accept foam without corroding. Stainless steel construction is a must.

The reels Hannay provides are standard-profile and low-profile to place alongside the UHP pump and motor. The reels provide fast payout and rewind with a chain-and-sprocket drive powered by an electric motor. An adjustable spring drag brake locks the reel in place, and a four-way roller guide helps reduce response time, increase hose capacity, speed cleanup, and improve lifesaving on-scene operations.

The off-road utility vehicles have been delivered to countries around the world for use in desert environments and remote locations. A customer in Dubai recently ordered the vehicles for desert fire suppression and 10 units were shipped to Mexico. In America, the United States Army and Navy requested units for use in operating bases and tent cities in Afghanistan. In all these areas, standard vehicles are too large for certain roads and cities and are also unable to tread through heavy sands.

For more information, visit (518-797-3791) or (800-338-2010).

Kingsway Industries, Inc.’s TRI-MAX 200 SUPER CAF System is designed specifically for wildfire prevention and produces 4,000 gallons of foam per tank load compared to the 2,400-gallon average. TRI-MAX CAF system’s foam is meant to last longer than air-aspirated foam, so fewer trucks are required. A one-ton truck with two operators can transport TRI-MAX systems, so a fire engine is unnecessary. The TRI-MAX 200 SUPER CAF relies on traditional firefighting tactics but aims to offer an inexpensive and compact system., 888-774-6299

Cutters Edge BULLET BLADE® technology for rotary saws uses Cutters Edge BULLET CHAIN® blades that can be repaired, sharpened, and reused with the same blade core. BULLET BLADE is designed to cut everything from roofs and wood to vehicles and metal, all while maintaining low vibration and producing minimal sparking. It is available in 12-, 14-, and 16-inch sizes with an Arbor size to fit all brands of rotary saws., 800-433-3716

CMW Model 6031 electric rewind dual reel can hold 150 inches of ¼-inch bonded twinline hydraulic hose, 100 inches of 3⁄8-inch bonded twinline hydraulic hose, and more than 100 inches of unbonded dual hydraulic hose. The compact reel measures 16¾ by 22 7⁄8 by 18 inches and can accommodate working air, breathing air, and up to 10/4 electric cable. The reel comes fully assembled but installation requires securing the frame through four existing holes, connecting hoses, and wiring the unit to a 12-VDC circuit., 931-853-7177

Tempest Technology PathMaster™ rapid deployment barrier allows firefighters to quickly and effectively control and manipulate interior flow paths. In addition to flow path and smoke spread/damage control, the PathMaster is designed to aid firefighters in more aggressive positive pressure ventilation. With the tool’s ability to reduce doorway size, PPV fans may be placed closer to the vent point while still being able to effectively seal the doorway, delivering increased air volume and pressure. Placed in its storage bag and with a depth of just less than 1.5 inches, the deployable barrier can be on a rig without sacrificing excessive compartment space., 800-346-2143

Streamlight® E-FLOOD® LITEBOX® HL™ is a rechargeable and industrial-duty flood light that delivers maximum illumination at 3,600 lumens and 31,000 candela peak beam intensity. The portable lantern uses six C4® LEDs and six wide-pattern reflectors to produce a broad beam of light for illuminating large areas such as a plant floor or rescue scene. The lantern allows users to select from two beam widths and three light intensity modes. Run times range from two hours on high setting to eight hours on low setting, and the battery is rechargeable up to 500 times., 800-523-7488

Tempest Technology Corp.’s Special Operations (SP) Power Blower features tapered shroud and flattened grille veins that create a laminar air flow (LAF), allowing for more effective and aggressive ventilation in unique structure types. LAF’s high-pressure properties are designed to ventilate high-rises, stairwells, and structures greater than 5,000 square feet. The SP blower comes in two sizes-an 18-inch with a 5.5-hp engine and a 21-inch with an engine just under nine hp. Both sizes are designed with wheels in the back and a wider footprint for increased stability., 559-277-7577

All Hands Fire Equipment Grip Hoist Tool is a hand-operated mechanical hoist that can move, stabilize, or lift extremely heavy loads. It uses thick heavy gauge wire, shackles, round slings, snatch block, etc., and needs to be secured to a fixed substantial object. A common emergency use of the Grip Hoist has been during rescues involving large vehicles and heavy machinery. Because this device can handle such heavy loads, the ability to move, lift, or stabilize large heavy objects increases the rescuers’ options during rescue operations. The Grip Hoist is available in three versions-the TU-17, TU-28, and TU-32. The TU-28 is appropriate for the fire service. It weighs only 42 pounds. The TU-28 uses 7⁄16-inch wire rope with a breaking strength of 20,000 pounds and is rated for 4,000 pounds lifting., 888-681-1009

MN8-Foxfire and Phenix Technology Inc. customizable illuminating and reflective helmet magnet panels measure two by 3.5 inches and are customizable with up to four alphanumeric characters or less. Available reflective colors include red, green, black, silver, and blue. Foxfire products use a photoluminescent technology that possesses the capacity to absorb and store light and then release it as a bright luminance in the dark. The illumination from Foxfire products provides safety to firefighters and others who work in the dark. Foxfire illuminating helmet magnet panels are available through the Phenix distributor network and MN8-Foxfire sales channels., 513-761-7614