In the News

Issue 7 and Volume 18.

KME recently entered into a joint venture with First Priority Emergency Vehicles and Brilliance Auto Group to supply complete vehicles and partially assembled kits to the Chinese fire market. First Priority Emergency Vehicles exports American emergency vehicles to clients worldwide, while China’s Brilliance Auto Group produces and distributes more than 600,000 vehicles per year to the Chinese market. The joint venture is seen as an investment in the future and is expected to allow KME to expand into global markets.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett also recently recognized KME as a finalist at the ImPAct Awards, which aim to commend companies across Pennsylvania for their positive impact on the state’s economy. KME was recognized for its job creation efforts and growth in export sales that resulted from its foreign joint ventures.

E-ONE received a two-year contract with the Department of National Defense (DND) Canada, agreeing to provide the department with 24 aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicles. The deal also includes six Cyclone II top-mount enclosed custom pumpers featuring E-ONE’s cold weather package. Up to six more pumpers may be ordered during the duration of the two-year contract. This is not the first time Canada’s DND has used E-ONE’s services. Sales to DND for E-ONE trucks total 48 units during the past five years.

ELKHART BRASS’S HEROPipe® features a lightweight and floor-below master stream system that can contain a high-rise fire within 30 minutes and is designed for fires that ladder companies cannot reach. According to a study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) between 2005 and 2009, fire departments respond to an average of 15,700 structure fires in high-rise buildings each year, which result in average annual losses of 53 civilian deaths and $235 million in property damage. HEROPipe cuts high-rise fire response time by more than half, saving lives and reducing property damage by 90 percent. It also allows firefighters to attack high-rise fires from the floor below and requires no tools to operate, helping firefighters better meet the challenges of high-rise fires.

• The HACKENSACK (NJ) FIRE DEPARTMENT was recently upgraded from a Class 3 Fire Department to a Class 1 by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). In the past year, Chief Tom Freeman and others worked with the ISO to meet the requirements for a Class 1 rating, a rating given to only 61 of America’s 47,000 fire departments. The ISO evaluates each department based on fire alarms and dispatches, the number of fire companies, and the community’s water supply. Freeman attributes the upgrade to the firefighters’ hard work as well as department improvements in apparatus, training, equipment, and communications. The new ISO rating may improve insurance rates for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

HURST JAWS OF LIFE has launched a new Web site ( designed to be user-friendly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The Web site includes information on user manuals, bid specifications, and detailed performance characteristics for Hurst Jaws of Life tools. Improvements include a new layout, updated product information, warranty registration, downloadable catalogs, Green Cross registration, and a searchable dealer database. It also features new videos showcasing the performance and durability of the Hurst Jaws of Life eDRAULIC, 5,000- and 10,000-pound-per-square-inch (psi) product lines.

FERRARA FIRE APPARATUS received the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation’s (LWCC) Safest 70 Award for the third consecutive year, an acknowledgment of excellence, outstanding performance, and a commitment to workplace safety. The Safest 70 Award is presented to those companies that strive to maintain a safe work environment for their employees while preventing on-the-job injuries and controlling costs. Only 70 of Louisiana’s 16,000 LWCC policyholders receive the award each year.

PERRIN MANUFACTURING used its PowerCube technology to create the SG-09 auxiliary power unit for Smeal Fire Apparatus, a new system designed to address North America’s growing demands for smarter supplemental power generation and climate control systems that meet more stringent engine idling laws, reduce fuel consumption, and lower maintenance costs. Perrin’s design allows the SG-09 to deliver nine kW of power and to handle a wide range of heating and cooling needs while maintaining stable interior temperatures. The SG-09 employs Smeal’s proprietary controller that automatically starts the system while shutting down and monitors the chassis engine, starting it again if needed. This means there is no interruption of power or HVAC service.

W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES, INC. recently studied the effects of heat stress on those who work in warm conditions or with low-level radiant loads. The study found that minor increases to the body’s core temperature can cause impaired decision making and incidents of heat exhaustion. CROSSTECH® moisture barriers help control control heat stress and prevent these side effects. Gore’s study tested different turnout gear and found a connection between the gear’s heat loss levels and the wearer’s performance. The key to preventing a rise in the body’s core temperature is creating turnout layers that allow greater moisture vapor transmission so evaporative cooling can occur.

• The OHIO ASSOCIATION OF EMERGENCY VEHICLE TECHNICIANS will conduct its 21st annual Emergency and Municipal Vehicle Maintenance and Repair program September 23-27, 2013. The event is held at the Ohio Fire Academy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Classes include Pump Repairs by Hale, Basic to Advanced Electrical, Air Brake Repairs, A/C Systems, Cummins Engines, 10 EVT Prep Classes, Spartan Chassis, Sutphen Chassis and Towers, Kussmaul Electronics Troubleshooting and Repairs, C.E.Niehoff Alternator and Electrical Maintenance, Akron Brass, Weldon Multiplex, ROM Products, Horton Ambulance, Fire Research Products, and Stryker EMS products. More information is available at