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Issue 8 and Volume 17.

Allegro Industries low- and high-pressure respirator systemsAllegro Industries low- and high-pressure respirator systems include the Supplied Air Shield. Available in a low-pressure or high-pressure model, the Supplied Air Shield offers a visor made of Nylon plastic, polycarbonate lens, and a polypropylene chin guard for added strength, while the shroud is cotton for comfort. The Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator, available as a low- or high-pressure system, is made of silicone rubber for durability and will hold its shape even in extreme heat and cold. The polycarbonate lens offers a wider, distortion-free viewing area with an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating., 800-622-3530

Weldon D-Tek digital technician wireless maintenance systemWeldon D-Tek digital technician wireless maintenance system allows departments to detect a vehicle’s status wirelessly. Retrieve accurate and reliable vehicle information automatically with no need to spend time manually gathering vehicle data. Each time a truck leaves the station and when it returns, D-Tek captures critical maintenance data and sends it to the receiver located on the station’s computer in less than a second. This data can be viewed to provide alerts to such things as low tire pressure, high coolant temperature, low oil levels, and so on. The captured data can be sent over the Internet from the station’s computer to a central maintenance center. Using the D-Tek Tracker software, departments can review the details of a truck in the station or view all the stations’ vehicles for an easy and convenient way to manage the entire fleet., 330-264-5678

Matrix SystemMatrix System is a combination of the Powerhouse PTO system and an additional hydraulic pump package, designed to operate a 6.0-kW hydraulic generator, to deliver simultaneous AC power for electrical support needs and multiple rescue tool operation. It can operate up to four tools-two simultaneously and independently and attached to 100-foot reels. The system features up to two independent open center control valves with easy access for pressure adjustments, a 3½-gallon stainless steel tank w/temperature and sight gauge, and 10-micron return line filter assembly., 800-343-0480

QUIC-MOUNT Multiversal Extrication Tool HolderQUIC-MOUNT Multiversal Extrication Tool Holder, model QM-ET-MV, is an adjustable upright extrication tool mounting solution. The heavy-duty aluminum QM-ET-MV offers more than ten independently adjustable components, including tilt angle, enabling it to safely and securely accommodate many popular makes and models of cutters, spreaders, and combination tools. Mounting to nearly any flat surface, the QM-ET-MV eliminates the need for expensive custom fabricated mounting boxes. Whether buying a new apparatus or replacing the tools on an existing one, a single Multiversal Extrication Tool Holder can be used over and over again with only a few minor adjustments., 800-711-FIRE

Streamlight SolarStream™ supplemental vehicle charging systemStreamlight SolarStream™ supplemental vehicle charging system offers a cost-effective way to keep vehicle batteries charged. The system includes a 14-watt flexible amorphous silicon solar panel with self-adhesive backing, which provides a low-rate maintenance charge to the vehicle battery during daylight hours. Panel material and design allow trickle charge in low-sun-angle and cloudy conditions. The panel helps reduce the effect of onboard computer system battery drain when the vehicle is off. Maintaining a charged battery state when the vehicle is not in use contributes to extended battery life and a reduction in automobile battery related maintenance time. It is packaged with fuse holder and fuse. The panel will continue to operate at reduced performance if panel sections are damaged., 610-631-0600