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Issue 6 and Volume 17.

Hannay swing-out reelHannay swing-out reel is used primarily in ARFF firefighting applications. The reel mounts inside truck cabinets and is designed to swing out for ease of operation and accessibility. The reel comes equipped with two pinlocks to lock the reel in the stored position and in the 90-degree-to-cabinet position for forward deployment of the hoseline. Other features include a 12- or 24-VDC explosionproof motor, stainless steel internal plumbing, 300-psi working pressure, available FH3 rollers, custom sizes and configurations, and left- and right-hand versions. Two models are available, depending on the type and length of hose to be carried., 877-467-3357

Draft Commander 3000® A/T mobile fire pumpDraft Commander 3000® A/T mobile fire pump testing and training simulator allows departments to perform true pump tests from draft, creating a suction lift requiring the use of a primer as per NFPA 1911, Standard for the Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of In-Service Automotive Fire Apparatus (2012 ed.). This ensures the engine and fire pump are performing with the correct horsepower and the fire pump is pumping the correct gpm. The Draft Commander 3000 can perform a pump test on two trucks simultaneously with optional section hoses and monitor. It also offers other functions such as training operations for the fire engine pump and different evolutions for flowing water while using the same water repeatedly., 888-689-9347

Hale Products Qmax-XS pumpHale Products Qmax-XS pump is capable of flows exceeding 3,000 gpm in a compact pump module. Features include 12 standard four-inch discharge ports designed to flow in excess of 1,500 gpm with low pressure drop; tank-to-pump connections that feature a single three-inch valve to provide flows up to 600 gpm and a four-inch valve that will flow 1,100 gpm; large suctions on the right and left side; close-supported impeller that minimizes shaft deflection, reducing wear on the shaft, impeller, clearance rings, and bearings; and auto-lube, an impeller shaft sleeve bearing system that automatically lubricates itself with oil to seal out dirt and water and extend pipe life. The pump is available with three heavy-duty gearbox options., 610-825-6300

Valor firefighter seatsValor firefighter seats are designed and engineered by the same company that protects war fighters with blast-attenuating seat technology. They offer a four-way adjustable headrest that does not interfere with a fire helmet; dynamic adjustable SCBA bracket that automatically adjusts to the seated occupant and fits all Ziamatic SCBA brackets; dual retractor belts that prevent snag hazards, allow rapid egress, and can be mounted on either side of the seat; and single-point release for the seat belt and SCBA holder so the firefighter only has to use one release to exit the vehicle., 610-265-3610

STREAMLIGHT Knucklehead SpotSTREAMLIGHT Knucklehead Spot features a far-reaching beam that can help firefighters locate hazards or victims from a distance. An articulating head gives users more flexibility when working in situations with changing conditions. The light has four modes: high, low, moonlight, and flash. Moonlight mode runs 20 days. Flash runs eight hours. The high setting offers 180 lumens and 3½ hours of operation. The low setting offers 55 lumens and 16 hours of operation. It is two-meter-impact-resistance-tested and IPX4-rated for water resistance. The light’s removable magnet, with 135-pound pull strength, features a replaceable rubber boot. The light also features C4® LED technology., 800-523-7488

Darley UHP-HV™ (Ultra High Pressure-High Volume) moduleDarley UHP-HV™ (Ultra High Pressure-High Volume) module offers the best of both worlds for the wildland-urban interface. Darley has combined its direct-drive 2BE pump and the CAT 7CP high-pressure piston pump to meet firefighting needs in one compact package. Main pump can be used for water transfer or for 1½-inch hose for structural attacks, while the belt-driven CAT can produce low-flow high-pressure flows in excess of 1,300 psi with optional foam through the ½-inch HP hose. Other features include bronze impeller and seal rings, oversized bearing for longer life, broached impeller for longer life, all stainless plumbing, electric rewind Hannay reel with 200 feet of ½-inch hose and full capture leads, and 10-tooth splined shaft for durability., 800-4-DARLEY

Performance Advantage Company (PAC) mounting optionsPerformance Advantage Company (PAC) mounting options include Stow-n-Lok (shown) for poles, hook tools, and shovels. It has a grip range of one to 1½ inches in diameter and is available in two heights. PAC TUBE TRAC is a new aluminum extrusion for bracket mounting without inserts. Self-tapping screws locate into grooves. Remove and reattach brackets as desired. PAC FAST MOUNT is a tool-mounting process that doesn’t use screws or require drilling. Individual brackets allow for flexible mounting solutions. J Mount does not require screws or drilling and allows users to mount custom-sized tool boards made from PAC DUAL TRAC and J MOUNT products. The six-inch Storz LOK is a six-inch version of PAC’s four- and five-inch brackets., 716-683-7413

Coach Glass electrically heated glassCoach Glass electrically heated glass is a laminated product incorporating nearly invisible electrically conductive wires. It comprises sheets of glass interlaid with two or more films of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This assembly combines comfort with safety while removing condensation. Electrically heated glass is suitable for any situation involving high moisture content in the air and where the difference between the internal and external temperature may lead to condensation. It allows defrosting, defogging, and reduction in air conditioner loading. Inventory includes all makes of fire apparatus from current to classic. Heated glass uses direct current. Both 12- and 24-VDC versions are available. The amount of time the heat is “on” is predetermined by the vehicle manufacturer. It automatically turns off after the predetermined time expires. The timer can be retriggered to apply heat as needed., 800-714-7171

FLIR Systems Voyager III thermal and visible light camera systemFLIR Systems Voyager III thermal and visible light camera system is built around the same long-range, gyro-stabilized platform with quad-sensor performance as the Voyager II. The new Voyager III adds automatic video tracking, temperature indication, improved radar slaving, and a new surveillance mode. The integrated video tracking feature automatically follows designated objects, like moving boats, for hands-free operation. The temperature indication feature displays the precise temperature of the object at the center of the image, making it easier to break out subtle temperature changes from background scenes., 503-919-0696

Waterous ONE STEP™ CAFSystem and SMARTPANEL ™ control systemWaterous ONE STEP™ CAFSystem and SMARTPANEL ™ control systemWaterous ONE STEP™ CAFSystem and SMARTPANEL ™ control system. ONE STEP allows true one-touch operation. Flow rates for water and air are presetto guarantee the same, consistent, reproducible CAFS every time. Water, foam, and air are introduced into the ONE STEP’s mixing chamber where a 99 percent transformation into a homogeneous, continuous bubble stream is created and is available right at the discharge. Its unique, patented pressure regulation allows the pump pressure to be above the minimum pressure without disrupting the function of the unit or changing the consistency of the compressed air foam. It is SMARTPANEL-controlled. SMARTPANEL optimizes settings and helps eliminates mistakes by automating panel operation. Using its CAN-BUS capability, dynamic proportional control, and W-black™ patented technology, the SMARTPANEL monitors and dynamically controls valves, throttle positions, hose length changes, and more, making changes as needed to maintain preselected criteria. Using a wireless touch screen input device, users can interact with the SMARTPANEL™ from numerous locations in and around the apparatus. Remote interface panels are available in 4.3-, seven-, or 10.1-inch sizes., 651-450-5000

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