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Issue 9 and Volume 16.

Spectracom NetClock® Master Clock for public safety applications complies with the National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA) Master Clock Standard #04-002. It has added features to support Next-Generation 9-1-1 initiatives, and has been tested against NENA’s Security for Next Generation 9-1-1 Standard #075-001. More than 4,500 public safety answering points currently use NetClock to synchronize time stamps for all 9-1-1 equipment: voice recorders, radio consoles, CAD systems, ANI/ALI devices, video, display clocks, and more. As more of these systems become IP-based, their manufacturers require secure networks due to the critical nature of the data they support. To that end, the new 9483 NetClock offers an option to synchronize up to four secure LAN segments in its compact 1 RU chassis without the need for additional boxes taking up valuable rack space. The model 9483, features a lockable front panel interface for easy setup. An improved browser-based graphical user interface and enhanced network management protocols and security features make it the most secure NetClock ever. It also has an option for supporting Precision Time Protocol (PTP). Either factory-installed, or available as a field-upgrade when needed, the PTP option can improve time synchronization accuracy by orders of magnitude when compared to Network Time Protocol (NTP)., 585-321-5800

Keeper’s KW9500 9500-pound winchKeeper’s KW9500 9500-pound winch features power load in and out, automatic load holding brake, integrated heavy duty sealed solenoid, 100 feet of 21⁄64 wire rope, 12-volt DC 5.5-hp series wound motor, high-speed planetary gear-train, lever shift free-spooling clutch, rubber handheld remote with high-density LED work light, and a heavy duty four-way roller fairlead. The company’s limited lifetime warranty on all mechanical components protects the KW9500., 860-456-4151

MSA Rescue Belt II SystemMSA Rescue Belt II System allows firefighters trapped in a building’s upper level to rappel to safety. An ergonomically-contoured Ara-Shield rescue belt pouch easily stores a rope, descender, hook, or carabiner. The system is compatible with all MSA pouches, including ExtendAire™ II and Quick-Fill® systems. It meets National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA) 1983, Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services (2006 ed.). Other features include a Quick-release system to allow users to drop SCBA during emergency situations, markers at the last 10 feet and 15 feet of rope to alert users that the rope is coming to an end, releasable termination knot at rope end that easily releases under load with gloved hands, and low profile steel D-ring that can be used as positioning attachment., 800-MSA-2222

Pelican 1075 HardBack™Pelican 1075 HardBack™ protects netbooks and tablet computers. Designed as watertight/ crush-resistant armor, the case was developed in a unique partnership between Pelican and BMW Designworks, a division BMW. Fitting in most soft bags, the Pelican 1075 will protect just about any sensitive electronic device up to 10 inches from the rigors of travel. The case has a high-impact heat- and chemical-resistant composite shell that will stand up to harsh conditions. It also features a removable nylon shoulder strap. The case’s tongue-and-groove lid construction and polymer o-ring creates a watertight seal, and its built-in automatic pressure equalization valve keeps moisture out, making it easier to open at any altitude., 310-326-4700

Vetter S. Tec rescue bags lift up to 94 tons. Vetter S. Tec rescue bags are used for lifting and elevating thin-walled components, recovering rolled vehicles, and rescuing trapped victims. Constructed of rubber with aramid reinforcement, Vetter S. Tec rescue bags are available in 15 sizes up to 37 by 37 inches—all less than one inch tall. Their slim profile requires less storage space on the truck, allowing rescuers to carry additional rescue bags and supplies. Vetter S. Tec rescue bags feature reflective center and corner markings for nighttime use. Their interlocking surfaces prevent slipping and allows the rescuer to stack two bags to enlarge the maximum lifting height. The Vetter S. Tec series comes equipped with antistatic and self-extinguishing features, and are fitted with controllers and inflation hoses that correspond to the pressure stage of the bag. Vetter S. Tec 94 ton rescue bags expand to a maximum lifting height of 20.5 inches., 800-537-2659

Polartec’s Flame Resistant (FR) fabrics are now available in collections from Big Bill, True North, Tyndale, Bulwark, Charles Parsons, Flower Gloves, Workrite, 782 Gear, Alpinestars and Gibson & Barnes. Polartec FR fabrics offer protection against arc flash and flash fire hazards, and are designed for high performance as standalone garments or as part of a layering system. Polartec® Power Dry® FR fabrics are odor-resistant and provide all-day next-to-skin comfort through a patented knit construction that improves comfort by transporting moisture away from the skin and pulling it to the outer surface where it can dry quickly. Polartec® Power Stretch® FR is a hybrid fabric suitable as a cold-weather base layer or as a single layer that offers wind and abrasion resistance, four-way stretch for freedom of movement, and moisture management and breathability to keep users warm and dry. Polartec® Thermal® FR fabrics feature a velour construction that offers superior warmth without weight and breathability to regulate body temperature, making for a versatile and comfortable mid layer or outer layer. Polartec® Wind Pro® FR fabrics offer exceptional and a high warmth-to-weight ratio in a lightweight package that sheds rain and snow. Polartec® Power Shield® FR is a new product category for FR apparel. It is a flame-resistant version of the Polartec soft shell fabric. Polartec FR fabrics are inherently flame resistant, tested in both in-house and independent laboratories, and pass relevant industry certifications.

Panasonic Toughbook H2 tabletPanasonic Toughbook H2 tablet includes an enhanced processor, increased RAM and hard drive capacity, I/O ports, and a screen that delivers viewability in all lighting conditions via Panasonic’s TransflectivePlus technology. Starting at only 3.5 pounds, the H2 delivers 6.5 hours of battery life and offers fast-charging twin hot-swappable batteries that allow for virtually limitless use. Panasonic has also upgraded the desktop cradle to improve charge time to three hours. The Toughbook H2 offers a variety of embedded wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional Gobi2000™ 3G mobile broadband technology from Qualcomm. The device is certified on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless 3G networks, and is expected to offer embedded support for 4G networks., 877-803-8492

MSA’s M7 I-HUD ReceiverMSA’s M7 I-HUD Receiver for FireHawk® M7 Air Masks is worn on the inside of the facepiece, with 40 percent weight reduction compared to the company’s external HUD. New LED light patterns enhance safety and security. The unit syncs with SCBA upon startup and withstands brief water splash and submersion. MSA’s M7 I-HUD unit is easy to install and remove. Slide the unit over the facepiece’s nosecup to secure in place. Remove the I-HUD unit with just your fingers. The inside mount eliminates snag hazards. The M7 I-HUD Receiver displays remaining air pressure, battery life warning, PASS device pre-alarm, and evacuate indicators. Other added safety features include a light sensor for autodimming and enhanced, side-mounted buddy lights. MSA’s I-HUD Receiver is available only with the FireHawk M7 PASS device. Other features include enhanced light pattern for safety and security differentiation, SCBA cyclinder pressure displayed in quarter-cylinder increments, red buddy lights to alert other firefighters to low cylinder pressure or motion alarm, and a test function button to verify functionality before use., 800-MSA-2222

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