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INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Pennsylvania Fire Academy Receives New KME Apparatus

Issue 1 and Volume 16.

The Pennsylvania Fire Academy's new KME 100-foot midmount AerialCat quint features a "Straight Shot" easy load hosebed.
The Pennsylvania Fire Academy’s new KME 100-foot midmount AerialCat quint features a “Straight Shot” easy load hosebed.

Two KME apparatus – a custom pumper and a quint tower – are ready for action at the Pennsylvania’s State Fire Academy in Lewistown, and students will be training on the apparatus next year.

The pumper is built on a KME Panther chassis with 12-inch raised roof and seating for six. The unit includes an all LED warning light package, a 1,250-gpm pump, and a 500-gallon water tank. The rear suction and hosebed are positioned low for safe and easy access. While the pump panel is a topmount configuration, there are gauges on the side panel for visibility by students during training exercises.

The 100-foot midmount AerialCat platform quint is built on a KME Predator chassis with 6-inch raised roof and a 500-hp engine. This unit also includes LED warning lights, an intercom system, a 10,000-watt generator, a 1,500-gpm pump and a 300-gallon water tank. The aerial device features an elevation range of minus-12 degrees to plus-80 degrees. It has an IQAN motion control system and a third platform gate for added safety.

The academy quint marks the first time KME has installed its “Straight Shot” easy load hosebed on a midmount. In another first, the outrigger controls were placed in a tethered hand held device rather than in a body compartment for maximum visibility of the operator during deployment.

The “Straight Shot” hosebed allows for placement of hose in the bed while the apparatus is in the station, without having to raise the ladder.

Phil Gerace, KME’s director of sales and marketing, said, “Providing modern, safe, and affordable apparatus to our nation’s fire departments and their training institutions are hallmarks of KME’s commitment to a better fire service.”

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