INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: EMT Handheld License Scanner Captures Patient Information

Issue 1 and Volume 16.

AmbuPro EMS TurboScan system
The AmbuPro EMS TurboScan system

Busy EMTs can now capture patient information faster and more accurately in the field with a new handheld wireless device – the DataFetch DF3D/AmbuPro EMS TurboScan by OCI Software.

It integrates seamlessly with the AmbuPro EMS ePCR software-hardware platform for on-site EMS incident management and reporting, according to OCI.

The AmbuPro EMS TurboScan add-in component uses a rugged, one button Bluetooth technology scanner by DataFetch USA that scans a driver’s license barcode, capturing essential identification in seconds. The device’s integral display indicates scan status and any returned patient information.

In accident situations with multiple individuals involved, being able to scan drivers’ licenses saves considerable critical time and provides instant, accurate information, according to OCI. If an individual’s patient history is already in AmbuPro EMS’ data storage, the company said the captured license data links to that information automatically, displaying for the EMT prior patient history and alerts, allergies and medications on the handheld device.

For EMT units responding to thousands of calls every year, OCI said the time savings and reporting accuracy provided by the TurboScan add-in can be invaluable, increasing on-site responsiveness and efficiency.

The AmbuPro EMS TurboScan was developed in collaboration with DataFetch LLC for use by police. “The DataFetch handheld scanner for police use possesses an inherent crossover application for use by EMTs,” said Doug Furtado, OCI Software’s vice president and chief technology officer. “Once we heard about the device, we understood its potential for EMT use with our AmbuPro EMS platform.”

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