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Issue 1 and Volume 16.

Small Pry
The Small Pry

BLACKHAWK! said its Dynamic Entry fire and rescue axes are designed to meet the demands of the firefighting and rescue community, where time is critical, conditions extreme and lives are on the line.

The company entered the fire and rescue markets by combining years of experience producing innovative breaching and entry tools for law enforcement and the military with recommendations from rescue operators in the field.

The DE 9-11 Series rescue axes are constructed with an electrically non-conductive advanced polymer handle system, combined with a drop-forged heat-treated carbon steel head, for long-term reliability and dependable use.

The Emergency Rescue Small Pry is machined from solid D-2 tool steel and tempered for extreme toughness. Finished with a black epoxy powder-coat finish for durability and corrosion resistance and a checkered thermoplastic high-visibility yellow rubber handle for a sure, comfortable grip, the Small Pry has a machined natural gas valve cutoff slot. The 1.5-inch-by-6-inch slot, located near the center of the blade, provides ample leverage for closing natural gas valves that could potentially pose a hazard.

The Dynamic Entry Emergency Rescue Stainless Hallagan Tool is built upon the classic Hallagan design and modernized with tempered stainless steel heads featuring friction ridges on all contact surfaces counter-angled to the head. The solid fiberglass handle is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC and features safety-guard handgrips that reduce the possibility of the operator’s hands slipping into the working end of the bar.

The Dynamic Entry Emergency Rescue Breacher Series includes several heavy-duty, lightweight Hallagan-style breaching devices designed for close-quarter breaching situations.

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