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Protecto Introduces An Extrication Wrap

Issue 9 and Volume 15.

Protecto Extrication Wrap
Protecto Extrication Wrap

Protecto Wrap Company, a manufacturer of construction products, has introduced Protecto Extrication Wrap, described as a new high-performance self-adhering membrane that protects first responders as well as collision victims from sharp metal and glass edges.

The company said the wrap is easy to use at accident scenes to quickly cover sharp irregular areas that could potentially cause greater injury. It can also be used to hold broken glass together for safe and efficient removal, the company said.

Protecto Extrication Wrap adheres to steel, aluminum, glass, vinyl, plastic and wood, as well as almost any painted or unpainted surface, according to the company. It is designed to protect first responders from sharp edges caused by auto collisions and collapsed buildings and is approved for urban search and rescue operations.

The extrication wrap comes in 12-inch by 50-foot rolls. The three-ply film resists puncture and tearing. Tensile strength is 80 psi, and puncture resistance is 2,300 psi.

Protecto said the wrap is 25 mils thick, has cold bend pliability to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit and adheres down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The wrap, which has bright yellow and red arrows, can serve as an emergency safety chevron and danger warning sign, the company said.

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