Larson Introduces Portable LED Light Tower

Issue 9 and Volume 15.

Larson Electronics’ announced the addition of a portable 180-watt, 14,400-lumen LED light tower.

The WALTP-2X90Y light tower can be configured to project 180 watts of bright, white light in a long, narrow spot or wide area flood mode. Due to proprietary optics, 10-watt LED packages and industrial grade housing, the company said the unit provides area illumination equivalent to a 1,000-watt metal halide light tower.

Dual 90-watt LED light heads are affixed on a removable mount head, supported by an 8-foot tripod that can collapse into a 3- foot, 8-pound package for portability. The 9 pound light LED light heads are easily stored as well, the company said.

The WALTP-2X90Y can be operated from standard 110-volt power or 12/24- volt DC power.

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