E.J. Metals Inc. Delivers More FRRTVs To Army

Issue 7 and Volume 15.

E.J. Metals Inc. delivered 25 additional Assault ForceTM 70 Fire-Rescue Rough Terrain Vehicles (FRRTV) to the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

The FRRTVs will provide fire protection for soldiers and facilities at forward operating bases. The purchases were made through contracts with the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule under E.J. Metal’s contract number GS-30F-0014T.

“High-pressure foam systems are at the leading edge of today’s firefighting technology, and we appreciate the confidence that the U.S. Army has in the reliability and effectiveness of our system,” said E.J. Metals President Kevin Quinn.
He said E.J. Metals is the only company to offer a hydraulically driven, high-pressure foam system that provides 6 gpm of water/foam discharge at 1,500 psi. In addition, he said the company’s patented triple-discharge water/foam nozzle allows soldiers to change spray patterns (straight stream, light mix and heavy mix) instantly for changing fire conditions.

The Assault Force 70 features a 70-gallon water tank, a 5-gallon Class A foam cell, a 1,500-psi high-pressure pump, a hose reel with 150 feet of hose and a control panel at the rear of the vehicle. It’s built on a four-wheel-drive Kubota RTV900, which is powered by a 21.6-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and has a maximum off-road speed of 25 mph.

The Assault Force 70 has been tilt-table tested to verify its stability and offers a 24-degree side-slope capability.

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