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Videx CyberLock Ideal for Narcotics Safes

Issue 7 and Volume 14.

CyberLock by Videx
CyberLock by Videx

Access control designer and manufacturer Videx has unveiled CyberLock, a powerful and easy-to-manage access control solution for narcotics storage.

CyberLock quickly converts existing cabinet locks to a full-functioning electronic access control system simply by replacing the mechanical cylinder inside the lock with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. No wiring is required for installation.

The new CyberLock system gives emergency service organizations key control and auditing ability. Both the electronic CyberLock and CyberKey log events such as locking and unlocking and any unauthorized attempts to gain access.

Videx said all CyberLock cylinders are pick-proof and the CyberKeys cannot be duplicated.

CyberLock cylinders are also available for installing on interior and exterior firehouse doors. Each electronic cylinder is built to the specifications of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing. Videx also offers a full line of electronic padlocks with the same auditing capabilities.

Videx offers a range of CyberLock systems from the basic CyberLock Entry Point system that includes an electronic lock cylinder, electronic key, and a grand master key, to the more advanced CyberLock Enterprise system system that includes higher-end features including auditing software, USB stations, and programmable CyberKeys.

The keys included in the Enterprise system are uniquely programmable, enabling an administrator to designate personalized access for each key that specifies which users can access which locks on which days during which times.

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