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Waterous Produces Redesigned Slide-In Modular CAFS Unit

Issue 9 and Volume 13.

Waterous 200-100-DS
Waterous 200-100-DS

Waterous is producing a new version of its 200-100-DS modular slide-in compressed air foam unit.

As part of the re-design, the company said the unit now features a turbo-charged Deutz engine and a Waterous CPD-2 centrifugal fire pump. It also comes with the new Waterous Aquis 1.5 foam proportioner that automatically meters the correct percentage of foam concentrate for more economical use of foam.

Delivering a maximum of 60 hp, the new four-cycle Deutz engine is diesel-fueled and air/oil-cooled. The CPD-2 centrifugal pump features an aluminum body, bronze impeller and replaceable wear rings, as well as maintenance-free mechanical seals. The combination of enhanced performance and construction adds to the unit’s already long service-life, according to Waterous.

Ideal for smaller firefighting apparatus, the company said the 200-100-DS packs a fire suppression punch, delivering a minimum of 200 gpm of water at 125 psig and 100 cfm of air at 125 psig simultaneously.

The unit can also pump water or air independently. While doing so, the air compressor system is capable of producing a minimum of 100 cfm of air at 125 psig.

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