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Smiths Detection Launches Hand-held Chemical Identifier

Issue 9 and Volume 13.

Safety Site
Safety Site

Smiths Detection is making a new portable chemical identifier called the HazMatID Ranger.

The product is designed for diverse field operations requiring quick and easy identification of unknown solids or liquids. It is based on the company’s HazMatID, a field-based solid and liquid identifier used around the world.

“Our products already lead the way in advanced security solutions for military and civil markets, but we are always seeking new opportunities to broaden our industry position,” said Stephen Phipson, group managing director of Smiths Detection. “The Ranger extends the versatility of our emergency response tool kit offering.”

Designed for handheld, backpack or robot-portability and ease of use in protective gear, the HazMatID Ranger is capable of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis by simply touching the diamond sensor tip to a sample. In seconds, the light-weight system provides both spectral results and a list of probable substances to help identify chemicals, as well as the actual components in mixtures.

“The Ranger is the ideal tool for particularly challenging missions such as over large areas, through awkward spaces or incidents requiring multiple sampling,” said Bob Bohn, the company’s director of sales and marketing for global military and emergency response.

The HazMatID Ranger library allows responders to identify over 32,000 suspicious white powders, WMDs, explosives and common and toxic chemicals. The system is supported by ReachBack 24/7/365 technical assistance to aid responders with spectral interpretation in the field.

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