Dorchester County SC Takes Delivery Of A Dozen Ferraras

Issue 5 and Volume 13.

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Twelve Ferrara Fire Apparatus vehicles were recently delivered to fire departments in Dorchester, S.C., after the Louisiana-based builder won the order in competitive bidding. They’re built on Spartan and International cabs and chassis.

Dorchester County, near Charleston, S.C., has taken delivery of 12 Ferrara apparatus, including two custom pumpers, three commercial pumpers, six tankers and one rescue vehicle.
The apparatus, placed in 12 different departments in the county, all have heavy-duty extruded aluminum bodies, and the five pumpers have similar body designs and Hale 1,500-gpm Qmax pumps. Two departments had previously bought Ferrara apparatus before the 12 were delivered this fall.
“It’s repeat customers like the great fire departments in Dorchester County that have allowed our company to grow while some of our competitors are talking of a shrinking market,” said Ferrara Fire Apparatus CEO Chris Ferrara.
Two of the pumpers are built on Spartan Advantage cabs and chassis with four-door cabs and raised roofs. The three remaining pumpers are built on International 7400 four-door cabs and chassis. Each of the units have top-mount pump control panels, speedlays and full-height rescue compartments on both sides. Ground ladders are stored through the middle of the 1,000-gallon water tanks allowing all passenger side compartments to be full height.

The six tankers are built on International 4400 two-door cabs and chassis and, like the pumpers, have Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm pumps. The single-axle vehicles have 1,800-gallon booster tanks, full-height rescue-style compartments on the left side, a portable tank rack on the right side, ladders stored in the hose bed and a 10-inch square dump valve at the rear of the apparatus.

The rescue vehicle is a walk-around style, built on an International two-door chassis with a transverse compartment ahead of and over the rear wheels. It’s equipped with a portable winch with three anchor points and a 15,000-watt pto generator that powers telescopic lights and cord reels. It also has an Eagle Air breathing air system.

Ferrara got the order for the apparatus in competitive bidding against several other national and regional apparatus builders. Fire Equipment Services, Sumter, S.C, sold the trucks.

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