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FoxFury Develops Hands-Free Light

Issue 3 and Volume 13.

FoxFury's Command 20 light
FoxFury’s Command 20 light

FoxFury, the California maker of specialty lighting products, has developed a new light for structural and wildland firefighting and fire investigating.

The Command 20 light is slim, ergonomic and lightweight, according to the company. It enables peripheral vision (38º), but has a low profile headlamp that fits 99 percent of all helmets with and without full face shield.

The light has 20 LEDs (18 white LEDs and 2 green LEDs to more effectively cut through smoke), adjustable beam intensity (3 modes) and a blinking red LED on the light’s battery pack. Those features, according to the company, increase versatility, visibility and safety of firefighters.

Using four AA batteries, the Command 20 can provide light for up to 40 hours, and it is waterproof, impact resistant and fire resistant.

FoxFury said its patented peripheral vision and photopic lighting have resulted in products that make firefighting and emergency service work safer.

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