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Spartan’s Furion Cab And Chassis Spans The Commercial/Custom Gap

Issue 1 and Volume 13.

Spartan Chassis' Furion
The Furion’s interior is 94-inches wide and is built to accommodate six occupants with four seats designed to accept self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) equipment.
Spartan Chassis' Furion
Spartan Chassis’ Furion is an entry-level cab and chassis for departments that want to buy Spartan without the barrier of a custom-price tag. The vehicle is purpose-built for the emergency services. (Spartan Chassis Photo)

The new Furion cab and chassis from Spartan Chassis is designed to give fire departments a choice – and to give the company entry into a new market.

“We really wanted to give the fire chiefs an option between our higher-end cabs and chassis, like the Gladiator, and the strictly commercial cabs and chassis,” Spartan Chassis President Richard Schalter said.

Unlike commercial cabs and chassis, which might end up being used as delivery or moving trucks or construction vehicles, Spartan’s Furion is a purpose-built cab and chassis specifically designed for the emergency-rescue industry.

When a Furion rolls off the Spartan Chassis line, it is ready for an apparatus to be fitted, which will save the body builder hours of time and labor in chassis preparation currently required on commercial chassis.

“The Furion is a major initiative for Spartan Chassis and Spartan Motors and marks our entry into the customized commercial chassis market,” said John Sztykiel, president and CEO of Spartan Motors. “Historically, we have been very good at converting commercial markets to custom. Over the years, we have secured increasingly large shares in our key markets.”

Sztykiel also said the Furion will put Spartan Chassis with its “power and performance… into the affordable range for virtually all fire departments.”

The new cab, made from stamped galvanized steel like many commercial cabs, is a departure from Spartan Chassis normal offerings of highly-customizable aluminum apparatus, built one at a time.

The cab is 94-inches and designed for safety, roominess and maneuverability, according to Spartan, and it has room for six crew members and equipment.

Its cab-over-engine design allows for greater visibility and maneuverability, and the new cab has under-dash heating and air conditioning systems.

In crash tests conducted by the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, a division of IMMI, Westfield, Ind., the Furion cab complied with roof strength, occupant protection and frontal impact requirements as defined by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) and Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) structural standards, according to the company.

“The Furion fills a niche in our product line by removing the price barrier and providing a rugged, dependable and performance-oriented Spartan at a price that is within reach of commercial products,” Schalter said.

The Furion fits into the Spartan line with the Metro Star and Gladiator cabs and chassis. The Gladiator starts with a base cab width of 96 inches and the Metro Star starts with a base cab width of 94 inches. Both the Metro Star and Gladiator offer more standard features and option packages than the Furion, and both can be customized to meet specifics needs of any department. The Gladiator is selected by fire departments that are looking for engine horsepower above 425.

Spartan Chassis Inc., a subsidiary of Spartan Motors Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of custom chassis for recreational vehicles, fire trucks and specialty vehicles.

Spartan Motors, which also manufactures emergency rescue vehicles under the brand names of Crimson Fire, Crimson Fire Aerials and Road Rescue, reported sales of $445 million in 2006 and is focused on becoming the premier manufacturer of specialty vehicles and chassis in North America.

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