Fire Research Offers Two Pressure Governor Choices

Issue 3 and Volume 12.

Fire Research's PumpBoss pressure governor a control knob which changes engine rpm and pump pressure by rotation.
Fire Research’s PumpBoss pressure governor has a large 2-inch control knob which changes engine rpm and pump pressure by rotation. Its electronic circuitry eliminates the mechanical hassles of manual throttles.
INControl pressure governor offers complete engine control and remote display on a single-compact panel.
INControl pressure governor by Fire Research offers complete engine control and remote display on a single-compact panel. (Fire Research Photo)

All fire apparatus with pumps need engine controls to operate and Fire Research has two that will do the job well – the PumpBoss pressure governor and the INControl pressure governor and monitoring display panel.

The PumpBoss has a four-digit LED display for engine RPM, and three LED bar graphs that displays the apparatus’s oil pressure, engine coolant temperature and battery voltage. Its most unique feature is a 2-inch round control, which changes RPM and pressure by turning, like a mechanical throttle, but without all the hassles of cables.

It has a message display that shows the pressure or RPM setting during normal operations and fault warning alarms as they occur, according to the maker. When selected by the operator, it will show monitoring information, stored data and program options.

Standards And Options

Standard and optional features include databus for controls on newer engines, always start from idle at RPM, large RPM display, three bi-color LED bar graphs, psi/rpm setting shown on a dot matrix message display, check and stop engine warning LEDs, interlock signal recognition, transmission temperature sensor and audible buzzer.

The PumpBoss records date and time of warning alarm occurrences, has a red idle button to bring the engine speed to idle RPM quickly and a large control knob easily operated with a gloved hand.

Fire Research also has a new INControl pressure governor and monitoring display panel. The device will maintain a steady pump discharge pressure by controlling engine speed or hold a selected engine rpm, according to the maker.

It offers complete engine control and remote display on a single compact panel. The panel has three 4-digit LED displays for pump discharge, pump intake and engine rpm.

An LED bar graph shows psi or rpm setting depending on the mode, and three LED bar graphs that provide a constant display of the battery voltage, engine coolant temperature and engine oil pressure.

Fire Research’s TGA200 series INControl governor has as standard features the ability to power up in pressure mode, automatic regulation of pump discharge pressure, manual control of pressure or engine RPM settings, field programmable presets, diagnostic capabilities and no pressure or rpm variation when changing modes.

Limiting Pressure

The governor also limits pressure increase in rpm mode, recognizes no water condition with an automatic response, has an interlock signal recognition and OK-To-Pump LED, a feature that allows the engine to return to idle with the push of a button and off-the-shelf programmability for engine type.

Additionally, the program features are accessed via push buttons located on the front of the control panel. It supports manual control of pump discharge pressure and rpm settings, field programmable presets, and diagnostic capabilities.

Jack McLoughlin founded Fire Research Corporation (FRC) in 1968. As an active volunteer firefighter, McLoughlin recognized there was need a to improve and modernize fire service equipment.

Putting his experience as a design engineer to work, he began to look for solutions to the unique problems faced by fire service and rescue professionals.

Today, FRC continues to focus on sales support with an emphasis on service.

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