E-ONE Improves Configuration System

Issue 3 and Volume 12.

E-ONE has made significant advancements with Ez-ONE, the company’s online truck configuration system.

E-ONE dealers were introduced to an industry exclusive configuration tool, at a dealer meeting earlier this year. The system allows dealers and salesmen to design a truck without internet access.

After configuring the apparatus offline, the new software, called Ez-ONE2go, can then be paired with Ez-ONE online to search for units on the ground or in the pipeline, according to the truck builder, based in Ocala, Fla.

“Ez-ONE2go is a significant advancement for our dealers and salesmen,” said Larry Schenavar, IT Director for Special Projects. “The salesmen are no longer limited to the resources of their environments, they can now configure trucks for customers anytime, anywhere with only their laptops.”

The Ez-ONE configuration system, along with Ez-Draw and Ez-ONE2go, are not only significant sales tools, but production and quality have increased as well, according to the manufacturer.

By using the new system, ordering times have been reduced from 99 processing days in March to 68 days in December, a 40 percent improvement.

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