Kitchener (Canada) to Spend $7M on New Apparatus

The plan is expected to be included in the city’s capital budget, which is on track to receive final approval next week.

Ottawa (Canada) Fire Department Wants New Tower Truck

It would take between 13 and 17 months for delivery.

CMC Announces 2022 Open Enrollment Course Schedule for Rescue Professional Training

CMC announces its 2022 CMC School schedule of courses for rescue professional training.

Teledyne FLIR Wins Contract Worth Up to $15.7M to Develop Augmented Reality Technology that Displays Chem-Bio Threats

It will let soldiers digitally ‘see’ and map deadly chemical, biological, and radiation threats on future battlefields.

Escondido (CA) Investing $4M in Fire Department

Approved the purchase of three fire engines, one brush rig, three ambulances, and 15 cardiac monitoring devices.

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Responders, Get Ready for Crazy, Big Events

Carl Haddon hopes the “takeaway” from this article that the event industry has changed, and event attendees have also changed.

ImageTrend Announces COVID-19 Vaccination Data and Reporting Solution

Elite Vax has been established for nationwide success in standardizing the process for tracking COVID-19 vaccinations, providing efficient and universal patient documentation for all providers and situations.