IL Fire Departments Get Grant Money for Fire Equipment

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker announced that $3.3 million has been awarded to over 140 different fire departments and EMS providers

Quincy (FL) Getting Aerial Fire Apparatus

The Quincy Fire Department will soon take possession of a new aerial ladder fire truck

Kenner (LA) Fire Department Relocated Due to Fire Station Mold

A Kenner fire department station was relocated after mold concerns

Shots Fired at New Charleston (SC) Fire Station

Authorities are investigating vandalism at the new Charleston Fire Station 11

Man Arrested, Suspected of Attacking San Diego (CA) Fire Station

Firefighters called for help after awaking to a man screaming obscenities, banging on windows and attacking a tree

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ImageTrend Announces COVID-19 Vaccination Data and Reporting Solution

Elite Vax has been established for nationwide success in standardizing the process for tracking COVID-19 vaccinations, providing efficient and universal patient documentation for all providers and situations.

Free Personal Exposure Tracking Available Now

The personal exposure module in Aware is available at no cost for all public safety individuals to download and use, regardless of your records management system or ePCR vendor.