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Greek Fire and Rescue Service to Purchase 105 Thermal Imaging Cameras


ISG manufactures its own cores, which are specially constructed for firefighting.

Product News


Collection of new products for the fire apparatus and emergency equipment.

Letters to the Editor


"Auxiliary Power Units Making Inroads on Fire Apparatus" by Alan M. Petrillo (June 2014) was a very nice article, and these units can certainly be a wonderful addition to a piece of equipment. I have a couple of points of clarification on the topic.

Close the Door!


Close the door! That is one of the most common life safety and fire prevention phrases heard. We teach people when they have a fire to immediately leave the building, "close the door," and call 911.

Tempest Unveils Electric Special Operations Power Blower


Users only need two controls to operate the unit: an on/off switch and a 0 to 100 percent output rheostat knob.

Comparing Four- and Five-Inch Large-Diameter Hose


When you purchase hose, one factor may be a more important consideration than the weight and cost of the hose: the water delivery capability you desire.

Husky Portable Containment Issued Patents


Husky® Portable Containment has been awarded patents for for its Easy Lift Handles and Quick Dump products.

Overhaul Nozzle


This nozzle is designed to flow 360 degrees for 30 feet. It will fill the cavity from top to bottom extinguishing the fire. This nozzle will flow approximately 200 gallons per minute.

Cantankerous Wisdom: Glove Boxes and Crotch Poles


Following is a compilation of strange things I’ve found in fire truck glove boxes over the years.

Thermal Imaging Camera


Image clarity helps firefighters search for down victims, a black box records automatically, and a picture-freeze allows firefighters to see into hard-to-reach areas and share images.

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