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Dräger Earns NFPA 1801 Compliance for UCF Thermal Imaging Cameras


The Dräger UCF 8000 features three operating modes: Fire (firefighting), Persons (search and rescue), and ThermalScan (searching for hotspots).

Staffing and Water Delivery


As I write this column, Spring Training is in full swing (pun intended). When you read this column, Major League Baseball will be a month or so into its regular season.

Nozzle Choices for Handlines


Expanded product lines aim to help firefighters get water on a fire quickly and efficiently by giving them more control over flow, pressure, and stream.

Scott Safety Launches NFPA-Compliant Thermal Imaging Camera


In addition to achieving NFPA compliance, the X380N features exclusive hot and cold spot tracker technology, which immediately identifies the hottest or coldest area of a scene for better informed decisions.

The HydroVent™ Nozzle


1963, Downtown Chicago, Illiniois-Firefighter Jim "Jaws" O'Donnell, of Truck 3, is responding to another midrise apartment fire with reported smoke and flames visible.

Piercing Nozzle Addresses Fires at Coal Storage Facilities


Woodson’s patented solution uses an intelligent piercing nozzle that can deliver real-time feedback of gas composition and temperature while dispersing solutions to kill a fire safely and efficiently.

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