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Task Force Tips Gated Siamese Manifold Finding Its Way into High-Rise Pump Operations


When a fire protection system has a building pump and the fire department needs to take over the system, the department needs to match the system pressure. This can involve extremely high discharge pressures from fire department engines, which requires a specific pump operation known as tandem pumping.

Elkhart Brass Receives FM Approval for Spitfire Industrial Monitor and Nozzles


FM has rigorously tested and evaluated these Elkhart Brass products against its stringent guidelines and concluded they meet, or exceed, their standards.

Technological Advances Continue to Upgrade Remote Control Monitors


Getting firefighters off the tops of vehicles was a main reason for introducing remote control monitors, but since they first made their appearance on the tops of pumpers and at the tips of aerials, advances in electronics, networking, and new design concepts have turned them into much desired and used pieces of equipment on fire trucks.

Bullard T3X Thermal Imager Joins X Factor Series


The T3X runs at a 60-hertz image update rate and is equipped with a new LCD display that increases brightness and improves contrast, allowing firefighters to see more clearly in thick smoke and direct sunlight.

Fire Apparatus Show Coming to NC Transportation Museum


The N.C. Transportation Museum will host more than a dozen firefighting groups, showing off fire trucks and rescue vehicles during the museum's Fire Truck Show this Saturday, June 13. Firefighting apparatus will cover the museum's Barber Junction field, while visitors can also enjoy the museum's Back Shop Fire Trucks exhibit. Extra displays from the attending departments and a museum full of transportation history will round out the day.

From Water Flow to Transfer Applications, Portable Pumps Prove Themselves


Portable pumps continue to have their specialized uses, especially when firefighters simply can't get a larger apparatus-based fire pump close enough to make a difference on a fire scene.

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