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FLIR Offers Promotion on Thermal Imaging Cameras


The FLIR ONE is a lightweight accessory that transforms an iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal imager that can detect and display invisible heat energy.

Scarborough Voters to Decide on Replacing 25-year Old Truck


Voters in the town of Scarborough, Maine will decide in a referendum this month whether to replace a 25-year old engine.

The Automatic Nozzle: Another Tool in the Toolbox


The automatic nozzle is perhaps the most controversial nozzle. Here is a look at what it is designed to do and how your department can maximize its use. PAUL SHAPIRO

Bethel Township (PA) Houses New Fire Apparatus


The Bethel Hose #1 Fire Company welcomed several local fire departments and members of the community for a special fire truck housing event.

The Interior Attack Line: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck


The author shows how departments can achieve greater flows with 1¾-inch handlines flows without significantly increasing nozzle pressure. Four characteristics of interior attack lines are key: hose performance, nozzle performance, kink resistance, and maneuverability. PAUL SHAPIRO

Night Vision Camera


Using FLIR’s latest nighttime video analytics algorithms, PathFindIR II provides automated detection and alerts of pedestrians and animals, so drivers can see hazards sooner, react faster, and stay safer on the road at night.

Greek Fire and Rescue Service to Purchase 105 Thermal Imaging Cameras


ISG manufactures its own cores, which are specially constructed for firefighting.

Product News


Collection of new products for the fire apparatus and emergency equipment.

Letters to the Editor


"Auxiliary Power Units Making Inroads on Fire Apparatus" by Alan M. Petrillo (June 2014) was a very nice article, and these units can certainly be a wonderful addition to a piece of equipment. I have a couple of points of clarification on the topic.

Close the Door!


Close the door! That is one of the most common life safety and fire prevention phrases heard. We teach people when they have a fire to immediately leave the building, "close the door," and call 911.

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