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TFT to Offer Mobile Water Supply System to the Fire Service


Called the HyTrans System, the system consists of two modules. One side is the hose side, and the other the pumping side.

High Flows, Electronics Common Characteristices for Today's Aerial Monitors


Apparatus manufacturers continue to improve aerial devices, especially with regard to getting water in greater quantities to the tips of aerials.

Multipurpose Tool Makes Advancing Hose Easier


An Oklahoma firefighter invents a device to help personnel advance a charged 2 ½ -inch hoseline up stairs and around corners without causing fatigue.

Vent Boss Rescue Saw


The Vent Boss, powered by a Husqvarna engine and is available in a 16” or 20” model.

TFT Mid-Force Nozzle


Elkhart Brass Cobra EXM


The COBRA™ EXM monitor is specially designed to be compact providing a greatly reduced swing radius.

Elkhart Brass Extends $1,000 Credit Promotion


Customers who purchase and register a Cobra EXM monitor by October 6, 2014 are eligible to receive $1,000 credit toward future Elkhart Brass orders.

Nozzle System for Attic Fire Suppression


There are two types of A-FAST nozzles: the interior nozzle which is the A-FAST I and the exterior nozzle which is called the A-FAST II, or the “Walker.”

Peachland Fire Department Acquires WASP Trailer


Peachland Fire and Rescue Service, located in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, acquired a new state of the art piece of equipment that could help protect the community from structural damage in the event of a future wildfire.

Apparatus Purchasing: Front Bumper Preconnects


First-time users who spec a bumper preconnect without doing their homework may do a disservice to the fire department and the taxpayers who foot the bill.

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