Akron Brass Co. Introduces Three Forcible Entry Tools

The Akron Brass Tri-Bar
The Akron Brass Tri-Bar

Akron Brass has added to its hand tool line with the introduction of the Tri-Bar, the Rapid Force and the Trooper Bar forcible entry tools.

Each tool offers unique features for prying, puncturing, striking and forcing one’s way through or around an obstruction, the company said.

Manufactured as a single piece dropped forge bar, the Tri-Bar offers three hammering surfaces as well as an adze, fork and pick. It is heat treated for added strength.
The Rapid Force, also made of one-piece construction, combines the utility of a pry bar, sledgehammer and multi-purpose hook into one easy-to-use tool.

The Trooper Bar’s gooseneck-shaped design creates a high degree of leverage, maximizing prying force.

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