Waubridge and Southcombe Pair Up On Gloves

Waubridge and Southcombe have teamed up to create two new models of firefighting gloves: Firemaster Ultra and Firemaster IV. 

Manufactured by Southcombe, both styles feature a Kovenex thermal barrier, PYROHIDE and National Fire Protection Association 1971-2007 certification with an EN659 rating. The companies score the gloves highly for user safety, dexterity and performance.

Kovenex, manufactured by Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, has been used for years by firefighters in a number of products, including the Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket. Kovenex is an engineered fabric blend with flame-resistant, heat-resistant and tear-resistant properties. 

UK-based Southcombe Brothers has manufactured gloves for 160 years and blends traditional craft skills with specialized high-tech materials.

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