New Generator Introduced by XRT

XRT Power Systems is manufacturing a new generator: the XRT Smart Power Combi.

Designed to provide firefighters and responders with the power they need to run the tools they prefer, the unit supports applications requiring pto power and variable engine rpms. It uses only one pto, allowing an operator to vary engine speed. The rescue pump is attached to the generator, freeing up critical space near the transmission pto and in compartments.

The Combi connects with rescue tools made by the company and its competitors. "The Combi was developed to address the frequent request for a single industrial power system that can accommodate any hydraulic extrication tool on the market," said XRT President Robert Hansen.

The generator can simultaneously power three hydraulic tools along with lighting, reel tools and other accessories. It can be installed on new vehicles or retrofitted to older ones.

For information call 1-800-343-0480 or go to

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