Amphibious All Terrain Fire Apparatus

L’Équipe Fabconcept KASKOO-X04

L’Équipe Fabconcept, having begun mass production, is now in the marketing phase for its amphibious all-terrain vehicle: The KASKOO-X04.

The KASKOO-X04, completely designed in Saguenay, has required more than ten years of development, trials, prototypes and adjustments. The prototype as well as the production model have been tested over a variety of difficult, if not impracticable, conditions and environments, in collaboration with IOS Service Géoscientifique Inc, one of the largest mineral exploration geological firms in Québec and owner of the first production model.

The president-general manager of IOS Service Géoscientifique Inc, Mr. Réjean Girard, stated that the KASKOO-X04 can replace, in certain situations, the costly implication of helicopters used for the multitude of tasks related to their mineral exploration activities.

The product’s technology is integrated on all levels: speed, it reaches up to 40km/h; suspension; passenger compartment;, ease of driving; floatability, and so on.

The product is aimed at businesses working in remote locations; whether being in mining, oil and forestry exploration, delivering hydro-electric power, rescue efforts and fighting fires.

The KaskooX04 is entirely manufactured and assembled in the Saguenay plant.  Only the tracks (Soucy International), the engine (Peugeot) and certain hydraulic elements come from external suppliers.

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