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Adele Levine, a former physical therapist in the amputee clinic at Walter Reed, writes that caring for wounded soldiers at the height of the Iraq and Afghan wars felt overwhelming at times. But she says clinic life was also happy, and surprisingly, funny.
Using authentic videos and images, the production offers a realistic perspective on the trials of relationships during deployment, and on how social media can be useful tools.
On Nov. 6, 2004, NATO forces launched an assault on Falluja, a city north of Baghdad that had become a magnet for Sunni insurgent forces, and the resulting battle was one of the bloodiest for American forces since Vietnam. Thomas James Brennan fought there with the 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment; he and other veterans of the assault say that their memories of Falluja will never leave them.
VetConnect, a Bronx-based organization devised to combat homelessness among veterans, is also helping them find jobs and health care.
Deployed to Afghanistan at 53, as a grandfather, Lt. Col. James Gleason Bishop struggled with the training and the idea of going at all, but found purpose even in the mundane and dangerous parts of his job.
John Ismay, a former Navy explosive ordnance disposal officer, found chemical weapons in Iraq his first week.
Organizations like the Posse Foundation are trying to bring more veterans to the nation’s elite four-year colleges and universities.
When Teresa Fazio's brother Mike followed her into the military, the Marine in her was impressed. The sister in her was terrified.
A soldier takes time out of uniform to pursue an MFA in writing, and discovers that what sets him apart, as a veteran at the keyboard, is not as important as the common ground he shares with other writers.
At Bagram Airfield north of Kabul, a surgeon at Craig Joint Theater Hospital makes his rounds and reflects on his service at the largest American hospital in Afghanistan.

Pumper Truck Articles

Video: How to Replace Apparatus Lighting


Dave Metz, of Palmetto Fire Apparatus, talks about LED Lighting upgrades.

Grandson Gets Pumper Grandad Built


Custom Fire’s Jim Kirvida gives winning bid for Rush City’s 1937 fire truck

Hahn Motors Muster

Hahn Motors Reunion and Muster, Fire Apparatus Parade


The company built numerous durable and reliable fire apparatus including pumpers, tractor-drawn aerials, rescue trucks, and other specialized rigs for fire departments across the United States.

Scottsdale (AZ) Fire Department Places Pierce Impel Fire Apparatus in Service


In addition, SFD has purchased two more Impel pumpers that will be delivered in April 2015. All six use the Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC) pump system.

Bucks County (PA) Fire Apparatus Responding


Bucks County (PA) fire apparatus respond to a call for fumes inside the building at a Citizens Bank.

Garden City (AL) Purchases Fire Apparatus


The Garden City (AL) town council voted to buy a 1996 Central States pumper truck for $45,000 from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Union Grove. The truck is due to arrive in Garden City by the end of the week, said Mayor Tim Eskew.

In the News


GLOBE, DUPONT PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES (DUPONT), AND THE NATIONAL VOLUNTEER FIRE COUNCIL (NVFC) announced two more recipients in the 2014 Globe Gear Giveaway: the Bannertown Volunteer Fire Department, Mount Airy, North Carolina, and the Winfield Township Volunteer Fire Company, Cabot, Pennsylvania.

Pierce Delivers Three Dash CF Pumpers, Dash CF Heavy-Duty Ladder to Irving (TX) Fire Department


Pierce Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) company, delivered three Pierce Dash CF pumpers and a Dash CF 105-foot heavy-duty ladder apparatus to the Irving Fire Department in Irving, Texas.

Menands (NY) Retires Fire Apparatus


After nearly six years of discussion and planning, the Village of Menands Fire Department has purchased a new fire truck to be delivered around October 2015, which will replace the older and out-dated models in use

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