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Cedar Bluff (GA) to Buy Fire Apparatus


The town Council of Cedar Bluff met to discuss the option of either fixing a fire truck or purchasing a new one.

Alpha (NJ) Fire Officials Disagree on Fire Apparatus Purchase


Alpha officials can agree on something: the volunteer fire company needs a new truck. What they didn't all agree on at Tuesday's council meeting is how they should buy it.

Three Vancouver-Area Fire Departments Opt for Identical Pierce Pumpers


Three Vancouver-area fire departments recently got together and drew up specs for side-mount pumpers that would meet the needs of each department, have commonality for mutual aid situations, and still be customizable for each of their special needs.

Dispute Over Housing of Colwyn (DE) Fire Apparatus Resolved


A dispute over the housing of an unused fire truck in the borough hall garage has apparently been resolved after a nearly week-long political standoff.

Eight Pierce Enforcer Pumper Apparatus Sold to Jacksonville Fire & Rescue


The eight Jacksonville pumpers are identically configured, and include 194-inch wheelbases, 400-hp ISL9 engines, seating for six firefighters, and EMS cabinets inside the cab.

Wildland Tanker Gets Benton County Firefighters into Out-of-the-Way Places


Paul Carlyle, Benton County captain and lead firefighter on the fire district's specifications committee, says a neighboring fire department at the federal Department of Energy's Fluor Hanford site, in Richland, had been operating a half dozen older Hawk Extreme wildland tankers built by Pierce Manufacturing and that his firefighters had worked with them on mutual aid.

First Half of 2014 Offers Innovative Equipment and Apparatus


Products range from fire suppression vehicles to new chassis, personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, nozzles, and electronics.

Swap Meet Brings Interesting Group of Vintage Fire Apparatus


Wichita (KS) Adds Fire Equipment and Firefighters


The Wichita Fire Department announced fire equipment and personal improvements.

Depew NY Board Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase


The Depew Volunteer Fire Department will get a new pumper truck at the cost of about $454,000 -- but not a second one that firefighters say is desperately needed.

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