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Street Smarts from a Driver's Perspective: the Walk-Around


All my life I wanted to drive a fire truck. The driver-operator of today is faced with changes and challenges because of many variables and outside parties. Why is this?

Onboard Foam Delivery Systems


The use of onboard foam delivery systems is becoming more and more common in our fire service.

Justifying Proprietary Purchasing Specifications


Industry experts and fire service commentators weighing in on purchasing fire apparatus advocate writing open or performance specifications (specs). At the same time, they usually demonize proprietary specs as being unethical, morally incorrect, political hot potatoes, perhaps illegal, never in a purchaser's best interests, and giving preferred vendors blank checks.

The True Cost of Operating Worn-Out Fire Apparatus


Every fire department-whether urban or rural, large or small, career or volunteer-has a basic and ongoing moral and legal responsibility to provide safe and functional fire apparatus and equipment for use by its personnel in performing their duties. But, these are tough economic times, and a fleet of fire apparatus represents a huge capital investment for any department.

Kickin' Tires; Makin' Wish Lists


With FDIC International 2015 set to take place at the end of this month, the fire service trade show season is officially underway.

Toyne to Showcase Customizable Fire Apparatus Bodies at FDIC International 2015


Toyne will debut the latest addition to its line of emergency vehicles, the Priority Response Vehicle (PRV). This Toyne Tailored Apparatus is designed to use every square inch of available space without sacrificing power.

E-ONE to Show New Top-Mount Enclosed Commercial Pumper Fire Apparatus at FDIC International 2015


When combined, the redesigned crew area and chassis cab offer seating for up to seven personnel with convenience features in the crew cab including fold-up heated seats, armrest cup holders, and dynamic SCBA mounting.

The Lincoln (CA) Fire Department Takes Delivery of HME Rescue Fire Apparatus


The wildland vehicle is powered by a MaxxForce 9 EPA 10, 330-hp diesel engine and equipped with a Darley JMP-500 500-gpm PTO midship pump.

First Responder Tanker-Pumper Fire Apparatus Save Money, Add Flexibility


By purchasing a tanker-pumper instead of another pumper, fire departments can bring more water to the scene for initial attack, dump and go for more water if needed, or even remain on standby in case another pump is needed to back up the first attack truck or protect nearby structures without using the resources of the initial attack truck.

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