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Logos, Patches, and Pride: Stratford (CT) Fire Trucks


These are some of the logos that help keep morale, unit identity, and pride strong at the Stratford Fire and Rescue Department.

Cantankerous Wisdom: Selling and Buying Fire Trucks, Part 4


I believe an APC must control the decision-making process as much as legally possible. It is important to remain in the driver’s seat—especially so after a bid opening.

Compartment Corner: Preakness Volunteer Fire Company 4, Truck 4


Just behind the crew cab doors and under the interior rear seats is a transverse compartment that has small compartment doors on each side of the apparatus; these are the only non-roll-up compartments on the rig.

Detroit (MI) Fire Department Fire Apparatus Operating at Working Fire


This fire was brought under control in 2 hours using 1 aerial platform, 1 ladder pipe and several handlines. 

Vehicle Rescue Using Straight Ladder to Lift


Paul DeBartolomeo and company demonstrate a rapid, "down and dirty" method for using basic equipment found on a fire apparatus to lift a car and remove a pinned patient.


Garland (TX) Pierce Aerial Quint Fire Truck


The chassis is a Pierce Arrow-XT PUC model with the TAK-4 independent front suspension system. Seating for six is provided as is an EMS compartment centered in the rear of the crew area.

Tuscumbia (AL) Retiring Two Fire Apparatus


A 48-year-old and a 65-foot ladder truck of equal age, have been declared surplus property.

Region Plans to Share Central Falls (RI) Fire Apparatus


A plan by area fire chiefs to purchase and share Central Falls' old Emergency-One 1993 ladder truck would be a big money-saver for Cumberland, Fire Chief Kenneth Finlay said this week.

Apparatus Purchasing: Steps and Specs


This article addresses common NFPA-compliant stepping surfaces and how some purchasing specifications fail to adequately describe them. BILL ADAMS

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