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Video: How to Replace Apparatus Lighting


Dave Metz, of Palmetto Fire Apparatus, talks about LED Lighting upgrades.

Medina (OH) Fire Department Purchases First Upgraded TeleSqurt® Telescoping Aerial Boom Fire Apparatus


The new 65-foot TeleSqurt fire apparatus features a three-section extruded aluminum box boom, which provides vertical and horizontal reach with a short bedded length, short wheelbase, minimum overhang, and a high degree of maneuverability.

Hahn Motors Muster

Hahn Motors Reunion and Muster, Fire Apparatus Parade


The company built numerous durable and reliable fire apparatus including pumpers, tractor-drawn aerials, rescue trucks, and other specialized rigs for fire departments across the United States.

Bucks County (PA) Fire Apparatus Responding


Bucks County (PA) fire apparatus respond to a call for fumes inside the building at a Citizens Bank.

Five Questions


5 Questions to E-One's President and CEO Dan Peters

Manueverability, Compartmentation Key Features of Tractor-Drawn Aerials


Departments still use these aerials, known for their maneuverability, storage capacity, and faster setup time, among other desirable qualities. ALAN M. PETRILLO

Fire Apparatus: Repair, Refurbish, or Replace?


Departments should listen to their end users—their firefighters—when making this important decision to refurb or replace. The answer may not be so clear-cut. ALAN M. PETRILLO

Apparatus Purchasing: Make it Simple, Part 1


Spec writing should be as functional as the apparatus you are spec'ing; remember to keep the process simple to help make the overall purchasing process run smoother. BILL ADAMS

The State of the Industry


The health of the fire apparatus and equipment market may not seem relevant to everyone, but the ability of the industry to turn a profit greatly affects the amount it can spend on product research and development.

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