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LA Department Adds 100-foot Midmount Aerial Platform Quint to Its Fleet


The Bossier City (LA) Fire Department had purchased pumpers and a quint from Ferrara Fire Apparatus in the past, so it was only natural for it to turn to Ferrara to build a 100-foot midmount aerial platform quint to replace an aging platform that would be moved into reserve status.

Aerial Manufacturers Focus on Improving the 100-Footers


Several manufacturers have recently introduced new or improved 100-foot aerial ladders and platforms to the fire industry.

Staffing and Truck Operations


Recent research performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has shed a lot of light on fire behavior and the science behind fire development.

Street Smarts from a Driver's Perspective: the Walk-Around


All my life I wanted to drive a fire truck. The driver-operator of today is faced with changes and challenges because of many variables and outside parties. Why is this?

Justifying Proprietary Purchasing Specifications


Industry experts and fire service commentators weighing in on purchasing fire apparatus advocate writing open or performance specifications (specs). At the same time, they usually demonize proprietary specs as being unethical, morally incorrect, political hot potatoes, perhaps illegal, never in a purchaser's best interests, and giving preferred vendors blank checks.

The True Cost of Operating Worn-Out Fire Apparatus


Every fire department-whether urban or rural, large or small, career or volunteer-has a basic and ongoing moral and legal responsibility to provide safe and functional fire apparatus and equipment for use by its personnel in performing their duties. But, these are tough economic times, and a fleet of fire apparatus represents a huge capital investment for any department.

Kickin' Tires; Makin' Wish Lists


With FDIC International 2015 set to take place at the end of this month, the fire service trade show season is officially underway.

Electronics Make Aerial Devices Safer, Easier to Use


Makers of aerial ladders and platforms have developed a number of electronic systems that have made aerials safer and easier for firefighters to operate.

Power-Packer Offers Hydraulic Motion Control for Fire Apparatus Tilt Cabs


Power-Packer, a manufacturer of custom hydraulic position and motion control solutions, is exhibiting their Hydraulic Cab Tilt and Hose Bed Cover Lift Systems for fire apparatus at the FDIC International Show April 20-25 in Indianapolis.

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